How songs are selected for cover versions



Performing cover versions is not only a demonstration of personal taste preferences, but also a great way to connect with the audience, which is widely used by musicians at weddings , corporate parties and other special events. In addition to well-known pieces of music, the bands also learn not the most popular tamil new song, the existence of which has long been forgotten. This ensures that no one has ever done their cover versions, which means that a demanded listener can be surprised with a completely new sound – remaking an old pop song into a modern rock hit or making a calm lullaby out of aggressive metal.

It should be remembered that the audience initially pays attention to the tamil new song and only then to the performers. Therefore, it is desirable that at least half of the audience recognizes her. The main task is to prevent old hits from being forgotten. If the audience, upon hearing the cover version, remembers an important event in life associated with this song, the musical group has achieved its goal. Performers, for whom the creative component is in the first place, rather than commerce, often leave their personal repertoire in the background. The most important thing in their work is to please the audience, distract it from worries and problems and mentally return the listener to the past, perhaps happier times.

The repertoire of the band’s cover for the holiday contains compositions of various musical genres, which is due to the average age of the audience of the event. The main thing to remember is that singing should convey certain emotions, in which case it does not matter at all what to sing. When performed sincerely, the audience will be grateful that the cover evoked feelings and pleasant memories in them.

Interesting facts about music that you did not know about

Listening to energetic music during sports training is comparable to the use of doping (in a good way), since it increases their performance by 15-20%.

Over the past 300 years, people have made more than 200 attempts to create an artificial language, one of which was “Solresol”, based on the names of 7 notes. The language improved between 1817 and 1868 and was recognized by many famous people, but due to its complexity it was consigned to oblivion.

Music can prevent hearing loss and help patients recover faster from heart surgery and heart attacks.

Listening to pleasant melodies during a meal contributes to an increase in the perception of the taste of products by 60%. Is this why the performance of musicians at a corporate party is an integral part of the feast, except, of course, maintaining a festive atmosphere?

The oldest musical instrument is the flute, since its oldest specimen, according to scientists, is about 40 thousand years old. It is noteworthy that in 2000, a museum of ancient musical instruments dating back 2 thousand years was excavated in China, which even then made it possible to reproduce music in the genres of blues, jazz and even country. Based on this, it can be argued that even then the musicians had a rich repertoire for the holiday and could play a wide variety of musical compositions.

Plants love the classics. Dropped house flowers have been proven to grow faster and even reach for the sound source when placed next to a turntable that regularly delivers calm classical music. For a person, such melodies help to experience unrequited love and free the heart for new relationships.

“Diamond Black” is a modern cover band from Moscow , whose repertoire consists of famous hits of the most popular musical directions: dance, pop, jazz, Latin, RnB, soul. The group consists of professional musicians and a charming vocalist, whose music can relieve anxiety, distract from problems and become a motivating factor for new achievements and positive changes in life.