How Oral Appliance Therapy help you to Cure Sleep Apnea


Sleep Apnea is one of the grave sicknesses which basically occur while we are sleeping, therefore it is also known as an eeping disorder. Patient of sleep apnea is not able to breathe properly while he was sleeping. In the fullness of time sleep apnea becomes severe trouble for the patient and he might inhibit breathing several times during the night. Sleep deprivation is common of three types i.e. – Obstructive Sleep apnea, Central Sleep Apnea and Mixed Sleep Apnea. Among all three, Obstructive Sleep Apnea is the customary Sleep deprivation. In obstructive Sleep Apnea, upper airways are completely or partially blocked during the night. Due to the blockage of airways, the oxygen is very limited and the ent might create sound because he was facing problem while breathing. In Central Sleep Apnea, the is not blocked but then stops responding and giving signals to muscles to breathe. Due to lack of signals breathing rate will become very low and the ent might suffer from short breathing problem. Mixed Sleep Apnea is the combination of both apnea and quite more severe than others.

What do you mean by Oral Appliance Therapy?

In the next era, Medical fields are touching the sky because of the treatments of every classical disease. Snoring or sleep apnea is also classical diseases which can be treated by oral appliance therapy. Oral appliance therapy is an of diagnosis which is very simple but extremely effective.  It includes carrying a removable oral appliance {quite similar to cap-like structure} which is placed inside the mouth while sleeping.  The tool holds the tongue and few more space very tightly and gives a good fit. Oral appliance therapy protects airways from unwanted blocking and helps the patient for undisturbed sleeping.  Using devices for snoring is the best option for treating snoring and Sleep Apnea.

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Snoring Center of Seattle.

The workForce of the Seattle snoring centre is very friendly and they help the patient to provide the best fitted oral appliances. Experts of sleep medicine Physician like Dr. Richard Greiner can treat these severe sleeping disorders. He is the master of Dental Sleep medicines and helps people in recovering sleep apnea as well as many other dental sleeping disorders. Seattle snoring centre provides all kind of treatments for sleeping disorders.

Why oral Appliances Therapy is considered as Best CPAP alternatives?

CPAP {Continuous Positive Airways Pressure machine} Therapy is one of the most productive methods for the diagnosis of Snoring as well as Sleep Apnea. This is an active process but not in the reach of the public. It requires extra care and few unwanted complications like dry nasal passage, skin irritation from the difficulty in facing the pressurized air and claustrophobia.

If a person was suffering from moderate obstructive sleep apnea and his body was not able to accept the CPAP, in such case oral appliances therapies are the best CPAP alternatives. These tools are fitted by the dentist or orthodontist.

Benefits of Oral Appliances Therapy

  • Extremely easy to use by the patients.
  • Treatment is quite easy.
  • They are small enough to put inside the mouth.
  • By wearing device patient can have good sleep.
  • Breathing problems are almost solved but tools used during moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

Apart from the advantages, here are the effects of Oral Appliances therapy which can be treat by your dentist.  Dr. Richard Greiner is the orthodontics of the town and he can solve all the issues related to the sleep.

Why choose us?

We are one of the leading Snoring Center of Seattle. Our main aim is to provide a comfortable sleep for our patient because we know the importance of sleep in our life. Sleep deprivation can give birth to much-unwanted illness. If you are going through with any sleeping disorder, you can directly contact us or before contacting us, you can concern about our service from our previous patients.

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