How OgyMogy Kids Monitoring App Helps in Virtual Parenting


Much like everything else, parenting has gone digital. Gone are the times when parenting was offline, with parents focusing on their children nutrition, exercise, and safety offline. With the advent of mobile phones and the internet, kids spend more than 8 hours of the day on their mobile devices and keeping them safe and secure online and parenting them the way these kids understand is what parents need. Virtual parenting is the new norm and OgyMogy is your new parent partner. 

The OgyMogy monitoring app enables parents to keep an eye on kids by actively sending the data of their kids’ online activities to them. This includes numerous useful features, providing monitoring data from social media sites to online browsing, and everything in between. Virtual parenting is essentially the responsibility of parents to keep their children safe and secure online and keeping them away from cybercriminals and the dark corners of the internet.

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The Social Media Evil:

Social media sites have become the new evil in our society. The more prevalent these websites are getting, the more the harmful and inappropriate stuff is getting common on these platforms, harming kids both physically and mentally, making them more prone to online predators and dangerous strangers. OgyMogy remedies this by transmitting all of the social media activity data of kids to their parents, hence allowing them to parent their kids online, while keeping them safe and secure.

Safety in Chat Rooms:

Virtual parenting is more about keeping kids safe and secure than anything else and chat rooms that are very common these days are the places where kids can be exposed to many strangers and online criminals that can seriously damage these kids. OgyMogy stops this by sending all the data of the usage of these chat rooms by kids to their parents. This helps the parents in making sure that their kids are not talking to a stranger or getting blackmailed, harassed, scammed, or hacked by any online criminal.

Checking Personal Data Sharing:

Data sharing has become very common among kids these days. From videos to pictures to audio messages, kids share with their friends a lot. The problem arises when the data they share might be too personal and get in the hands of online criminals and hackers who can use that data to harm them. OgyMogy stops this by directly showing the parents what their kids are doing in these data-sharing apps and what data they are sharing, making sure that parents can actively avoid and stop the sharing of any harmful personal data.

The Dangers of Online Browsing:

The internet is a dark place where kids can not only wander off into the wrong places but can also fall into serious addictions that can take a long time to get out of. Age inappropriate sites are all over the internet and if kids are exposed to them, they can do serious damage to them that stays with them for the rest of their lives. OgyMogy solves this knot for parents too through its online browsing tracking feature that tracks all of the data about the online browsing of your kids and sends them to you. In this way, if your kids are being exposed to and are visiting any age-inappropriate sites, you can nip the evil in the bud and stop them early.

Screen Recording- All in One:

OgyMogy prided itself in providing parents not only with all the numerous different features that enable them to track a multitude of apps in their children’s smartphones, but also a screen recording feature that matches none other. The screen recording feature of OgyMogy enables parents to have all the information on their kids’ activities online, all in one place. This way it makes it easier for parents to record their kids’ screen and see their activities whenever they want, anywhere they want.

Your Parenting Guide:


Parenting the digital generation is hard and requires parents to have the same level of technical expertise of the latest apps that their kids have. Virtual parenting has become a phenomenon, and one that is becoming increasingly common. That is why the OgyMogy app is here for you to be your parenting guide, making virtual parenting not only easy but also fun for you. So, try the OgyMogy app today. You won’t regret it.

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