How Managed Security Services Protect Small Businesses in Dallas?


In the changing dynamics of the cyber world, the need to continuously strengthen the security defences of IT networks with Managed Security Services has become more important. Big enterprises in the US have resources and capital to invest in various types of available security solutions, but most of the small businesses don’t; therefore, they are more prone to cyber-attacks. 

Dallas, a city with one of the fastest-growing economy rates in the US, has some qualified Managed Security Service Providers like Ighty Support LLC who help small businesses build secure IT networks and provide exceptional Managed Security Services. They offer services like managed application security, managed cloud security, managed digital identity, managed security risk, managed threat operations.

Small businesses in Dallas, TX, can stay safe from cyber attacks and prevent the increasing costs of cybersecurity with the assistance of Managed Service Providers. 


Source: FBI’s Internet Crime Report

FBI’s Internet Crime Report shows the cost of cybercrimes that have exceeded $2.7 billion in 2018, which was a great hike in the numbers as compared to the previous years.

Before we know how Managed Service Providers can protect small businesses, it is essential to understand why small businesses are an easy target for hackers.

Why do hackers target small Businesses?

Without Managed Security Services, most of the small businesses do not have a secure network. Studies show that more than half of the small businesses become victims of cybersecurity breaches every year. 

Most of the small businesses believe they aren’t safe from cyber attacks and do need to take any more security measures for their business, but do not have enough resources. 

Due to less or weak network security, hackers can easily break into the computer systems and IT Network of a small business and access sensitive data. They can easily steal and misuse data.

Often small business employees are not aware of the safe practices that should be followed to keep the network secure and fall in traps of cybercriminals by accessing unsafe sites. Small business owners do not have enough funds to give proper training to their employees or follow advanced safety practices, which also makes them an easy target for hackers.


How Managed Security Service Providers in Dallas can protect small businesses from IT security threats?

Managed Security Services empowers small businesses with leading-edge technologies like firewalls, antivirus software, spam filters, and more. It is the best way for small businesses to deal with rising security risks in a cost-effective manner. 

Professional Managed Security Services Providers offer 24/7 Managed Security Services like automated threat monitoring and maintenance, diagnosis and analysis, advanced security defences and quick incident response at a fraction of cost.

MSSPs also provide training to the employees of small businesses and guide them to follow safe practices for browsing the web.

Managed Security Service Providers also saves small business organizations from the struggle of maintaining and updating their security defence systems. They offer network security solutions that can be customized and upgraded with time.

Common Security Threats 

Managed Security Services Providers safeguards small businesses’ IT network from some of the most common security threats. Being aware of such common security threats is vital for small businesses. It helps them know what they need protection from and how they can get the required protection.


These are programs that are specially designed to get access in a protected or unprotected IT system or network and cause damage to it. Some of the most common types of malware are viruses, trojan, spyware, ransomware and more. Ransomware is a dangerous form of malware as it restricts the businesses in accessing their data until they give a ransom to the hacker.

Phishing Attacks: 

Phishing attacks are made through emails or websites that look legitimate but contain malware. When anyone from your official business network opens such malicious websites, it infects your computer network with the malware it can then easily access and damage your computer systems. 

Rogue Security Software: 

These are generally pop-up advertisements of security alerts by some security software. They encourage viewers to update or download security softwares or click on the ads. They are not any antivirus softwares but programs with hidden malware, so when a user clicks on the link, malware instantly attacks the user’s systems.


A botnet refers to a group of connected devices that are infected by malware. A hacker can easily control these systems to perform illegal activities. They can further attack more computer systems by using information stored on this affected network.


Rootkits refer to the collection of tools or more particularly a program that is designed to attack the target computer system. Once it gets successfully installed in a PC, it gets permanent remote access or administrative-level access. 

Find the right MSSP for your small business in Dallas

Managed Security Services are essential for small businesses. Without the help of Managed Service Providers, small businesses cannot ensure 100% protection of their IT networks and systems. However you would find many MSSPs claiming they offer the best services in the market, but you should see their services first-hand and then make the final call. You should follow these tips while considering a Managed Security Service Provider for your small business organization.

  1. They should be near your office.
  2. They should have goodwill in the market.
  3. Their Managed Security Services’ Price List should justify the standards of their services.
  4. They should have the necessary licenses and a certified team of experts.
  5. You must ensure they have sufficient resources to support your business’ network security.
  6. You should also consider whether they have experience in working with a similar type of business as yours.

Managed Security Services in Dallas provides small businesses with a secured IT network that can prevent various types of security threats. With the support of a safe IT network, small businesses can stay assured and invest their time in excelling their higher-priority issues and core operations.

Don’t wait until your business network is impacted; contact a Managed Service Provider today.