How Jazz Became the Most Loved Music in New York City


With its origin in New Orleans in the early 1990s, the influence of Jazz music spread like fire in other parts of the world. Due to its glitz and glamor, New York became home for traditional and modern jazz artists. Many famous jazz talents perform jazz concerts New York clubs and keep their listeners entertained for long hours. Jazz music is a perfect combination of extended harmony, complex melodies, soft rhythm, and improvisation. With diverse jazz styles, artists are able to express themselves in their own way which leads to the creation of modern jazz music.

The African-American community used jazz music as a medium to celebrate cultural heritage by fitting the style of American music. Earlier, many musicians used jazz and other music styles to entertain dancers all over the city. While string bands performed well in the early eighteenth century, the younger generation craved for some more exciting entertainment. That’s when jazz music came into the scene. With its feet-tapping rhythms, improvisation, and lively music, jazz music gained popularity out of New Orleans around 1917. Additionally, various other reasons that contributed to the movement of jazz music into New York City were the vast flu epidemic, the closing of the red-light district, and the craving for more profitable work. Moreover, many traditional jazz musicians wanted to evacuate the racial south, and therefore, they started moving to the Midwest city of Chicago.

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Thanks to the efficient railroad system in the city, people could easily move to North from the South. Chicago was home to lucrative industries including meatpacking and manufacturing, and sheltered diverse groups of people, giving a chance to express their emotions in the form of music. The South Side was enticing as it offered various jazz clubs where brilliant jazz concerts New York came into existence, creating lively sounds that differ music styles between Dixieland and Mississippi Delta.

Later in the 1920s, jazz concert New York became unpopular in the Windy City which led to the migration of jazz musicians to the Big Apple. However, due to the city’s values and morality, there was no brick-and-mortar establishment in the city for organizing jazz concerts New York. This was only possible after Jimmy Walker, the mayor of the city (1926) gave his consent for speakeasies which offered bootlegged alcohol to a diverse group of people and became a perfect place for live jazz concerts New York.

The 1920s is known as the Jazz Age when legendary artists like Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong helped New York City to become the center for jazz music. During this time, when America was considered to be a place of music, jazz music emerged as the genre of the decade.

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With its popularity as the Big Apple and a variety of jazz clubs for hosting outstanding jazz concerts New York, New York was globally recognized as the Capital of Jazz music by the year 1930. Today, jazz clubs in NYC have become the premier places for music, fun, and entertainment for both locals and tourists. Over the years, these clubs have witnessed a myriad of jazz concerts New York and have attracted many movie stars and celebrity guests.

Some of the best jazz clubs in NYC were the Cotton Club and the Back Room which featured many great talents. The Cotton Club invited only white clientele who used to spend their happy hours listening to some of the famous artists such as Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Fats Waller, Lena Horne, Adelaide Hall, Nat King Cole, Fletcher Henderson, Bessie Smith, and Billie Holiday.

The Back Room, on the other hand, was popular with prominent gangsters of the jazz age such as Bugsy Siegel and Lucky Luciano who would visit the club and use it for business purposes. The club had multiple outlets which made it easier for them to disperse in case of a police raid.

Jazz clubs in New York provide a great musical environment for their guests. They also serve classic selections of cocktails, beer, and wine along with spell-binding jazz concerts New York that will surely make you swing to their lively rhythms.