How Is Industrial Design Different From Product Design?


There are many steps in the manufacturing process of a product, and designing is one of the most significant of them. In this context, industrial design and product design are two words that are sometimes used interchangeably; thus, understanding the two is the first logical step. But it is not so simple in these two domains of design. While some contend that they have the same meaning, others propose sharp definitions that contradict one another. As a result, this article will investigate what is involved in both of these processes to determine what distinguishes them.

What Is Industrial Designing?

Industrial designing is described as “the art or procedure of creating produced things,” which results in the mass production of a wide range of identical products ranging from automobiles to apparel.

Nevertheless, the industrial revolution, led by engineers and designers, gave birth to the modern industrial product design sector. People would not have the same standard of living they have now if the globe had not transitioned to new manufacturing technologies that optimise mass production. In recent years, industrial designing has been more concerned with combining artistic form with practicality, craft design and ergonomics to mass-produce products all around the world.

Industrial designers are engineers as well as contemporary artists who develop low-cost, aesthetically beautiful goods that appeal to regular consumers. They take a product that fulfils a specific purpose or necessity and enhances its beauty and functionality. It is the responsibility of industrial designers to consistently  the items that people see being upgraded and re-released to customers.

Industrial designers must consider more than just the physical design of the product; they must also consider the consumer’s visual, safety, and convenience needs, as well as the technical requirements needed by the manufacturer to build and market the product at scale. They must also ensure that their design recommendations act in accordance with all legal requirements.

How Is It Different From Product Design?

The misconception stems from the fact that there is a lot of cross-over between the two. However, product design involves all aspects of a product and tends to work on more commonplace objects, whereas industrial designers tend to concentrate on more specialised products such as automobiles, computers, and so on. Product design has become a pretty broad word in recent years, encompassing software, consulting services, and physical product design. Product designers are increasingly involved in the development of non-material items, such as software programs.

In order to distinguish it from industrial designing, it is helpful to define product design as the development of ideas, from research to rendering to prototyping. It is the first phase of a product’s entire life cycle, and it focuses on goods, their design, and implementation, while on the consumers’ side, the product, and their interaction. Thus, product design is less concerned with how to build something and more concerned with why people make it and for whom.

Product design is about coming up with solutions, while the industrial design is about seeing those solutions through to the end-user. Essentially, industrial designing includes the conceptual design and development of product design. An excellent multi-functional team consists of product and industrial designers who are aware of the entire life cycle of a product and have the same aim in mind: to produce or enhance a product.

Finally, there will always be issues when distinguishing between industrial and product design. Both types of design are seeking to build a new product or improve an existing one. With new technology and societal breakthroughs, the definitions of each of these phrases continue to widen on a regular basis, making it increasingly difficult to describe them as distinct entities.