How Effective are the New Pedestrian Detection Systems


Pedestrian killing by fast moving vehicles are the most dangerous mishaps recorded in the history of automotive that leaves little option to recover the loss. In this scenario, we must thank the brainstormers of modern automotive engineering who innovated the new technology of pedestrian detection with the help of proximity sensors and Cameras in the vehicles. But how effective they have proved to be? Let’s analyze.

To know the effectiveness of the pedestrian detection system in cars, we need to delve a bit deeper in the basics, so that we can differentiate between myths and facts. An expert automotive engineer who was associated with the Wilmington Hyundai dealer helped us with this understanding. He started with busting the myth that every pedestrian detection system must be equally powerful. Even common sense says it cannot be. Just the way a particular engine can have more capacity than another one, how can things be different when it comes to such complicated a system? It did make sense when he said that the pedestrian detection system can be based on the following:

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Holistic Detection

In this system the detectors are made to conduct the search for pedestrians from scanning theentire video frame. The detector would start working if the image it scanned featuredcertain moving element meeting certain criteria. However, this detector type isn’t considered as perfect as  its response can be easily affected by clutter and occlusionsin the background.

Motion-Based Detectors

This has been proved to be the most effective pedestrian detector, as it uses a fixed camera, with stationary lighting conditions and itdetects pedestrians by subtracting the background. This procedure works on the basis of highlighting the silhouettes of every moving element that can be found in the panoramic scene, especially people.

Other known detecting systems are part-based, multiple camera-based and patch-based. But in the latest vehicles, we found the motion based detectors to be the most effective.

Current Challenges

Till date, every car that has a pedestrian detection system, however effective is faced with some challenges, that are yet to be resolved. It is important for all of us to know about them.

Child Pedestrians

The worst possible accidents that can happen with the moving cars is killing child pedestrians. It is still expecting a solution that is delayed by more number of challenges and little ray of hope. With all the systems puttogether, the pedestrian detectorsystems are yet not foresighted enough to predict when a child can suddenly dart out from two closely parked cars, or while taking a turn.

What Can Be Done

The expert to whom we spoke at the Hyundai dealer serving Wilmington Delaware, concluded the discussion with his opinion, that unless people are made aware of the fact, that their own safety is firstly their own responsibility, very less can be done. we need to teach our kids, about road safety. Children who are below the age of understanding shouldn’t be left alone.

From the other side, secluded pathways, ramps and highways are already nearing to a solution, but with the existing traffic structure, where there will be crossroads, signals and turns, a driver has to be extra cautious and blow the horn to make the pedestrians alert about its arrival.

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