How digital readiness can enhance the work ability of organizations?


As the use of digital medium continues to find prominence in today’s life, organizations need to adopt as well as meet these ever-growing requirements. From business strategy to the workforce, the digital revolution is truly ubiquitous and is impacting everyone. This calls for the organizations to scale up their digital goals, failing which they could head towards becoming entirely obsolete.

Undergoing a technological transformation or going digital:

Like any other organizational practice, digital readiness can be considered as the building block of future businesses which must start with its employees. For an organization to completely transform every facet of its operations in line with digital technology, its employees have to onboard the digital readiness train.

For starters, employees across all levels, from HRs to the administrative staff, need to be digitally ready to be active contributors. In a recent report, Gartner forecasts worldwide public cloud revenue to grow by 17.5% in 2019. Although, a few organizations are adopting to more cloud and digital IT services including Big Data, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI), they didn’t develop, consider, nor adopted strategies to address how to bring about changes in their culture.

Thus, taking a cue from establishments such as ABP Holding, a leading holding and management software company, could help companies attune to its pace with technology. By leveraging new-age technologies, ABP Holding assists its subsidiaries on HR, finance and accounting, IT, legal, admin and domain, thereby, enhancing business process, cost efficiency and resource management.

Similarly, Mercer, an American human resources consulting firm,

advises and assists employers on various domains. Mercer’s Career consulting practice advises organizations on the engagement and management, including HR effectiveness and executive remuneration programs.

Nevertheless, focusing on technology alone would not deliver digital success or digital value – it will only provide new technology without delivering any comprehensive business results. Thus, up skilling the organization with appropriate range of digital skills which are both business and technology-focused should be the key going forward.