How Change Orders Impact Progress of Construction Projects?

How Change Orders Impact Progress of Construction Projects
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Construction projects involve a number of risks and opportunities. Sometimes, the site owners, contractors, and engineers do not get a clear idea about the expected issues and start the project. After some time, they realize the issues which can impact the progress of the project and include changes in it. This is termed as change orders in construction projects.

Change orders are an inevitable part of the construction projects. They can occur at the end of the site owner, design engineers as well as contractors. Change orders are often introduced to ensure the long term progress and sustainability of the project. However, it causes conflicts among the parties.

Owing to this, most of the site owners and contractors hire the services of quantum experts to resolve their change order issues and ensure smooth completion of the project.

This article will shed light on some of the ways change orders affect the progress of the construction project.

Top 4 Ways Change Orders Effect Progress of Construction Projects

The site owners often introduce change orders as they want their project to be perfect in each and every aspect. They have the mindset that if they are making an investment, it should pay them back for almost two decades, without requiring any fixtures. However, it impacts the project completion rate.

The following are some of the most important ways to change orders affect the progress of construction projects.

1. Increase Cost of Project

The very first way to change order impacts the progress of a construction project is that it increases the cost of the project. It may require the owners to use new material, get a consultation from architects or permission from the state authorities. So, the very first impact of change orders is the cost escalation of the project, which the owner has to bear most of the time.

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2. Increase Project Schedule

The second way change orders impact the progress of a construction project is by increasing the span of the project schedule. It means that if the project was expected to be completed in 6 months, a change order could extend the time to 8 months or more or even less.

When a change order is introduced, the workforce may have to halt the progress and focus on some other aspect of construction, which is the main reason for the increase in the project schedule.

3. Require More Labor Force

Another important way to change orders impact the progress of a construction project is by requiring more labor force. The labor force has a direct connection with cost escalation, project schedule, and change order. A change order affects the project schedule, and the owners try to utilize more labor to ensure timely completion.

However, the increased labor force will require more budget for the payment of services. If the owners do not appoint more labor force, then they would have to prolong project completion.

4. Productivity Loss

One of the most important ways change orders impact progress and completion of construction projects is by inducing productivity loss. Before the commencement of the project, the owners and the contractors plan a detailed report of project completion.

However, change orders disrupt that planned schedule and require the contractors, owners, as well as labor force to change their work strategy. It hinders their productivity and adds to the loss of owners.

Struggling with the implications of change orders?

Well, it can significantly impact the image of the project even before its completion. So, the site owners have to ensure the best measures to secure timely completion and avoid other issues. If you are facing the same issue, you can hire the services of quantum experts and ensure timely completion, by avoiding or effectively managing change orders.

So, do not wait till the time you start facing loss. Consult the experts now to maximize your profits!

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