How B2B Content Writing is Different From B2C Content Writing

The Content Writing

Writing is a form of art, and we often seem to neglect this fact. In today’s world, writing is involved in everything. When we talk about business companies, even they require some online platform where they can connect with their audience to relay messages or to attract traffic and, hence, attention to themselves. Content writing seems to be embedded in the present business world, and almost every company has its own website now where they publish blog articles, news and other important information. A reputed content writing company caters to different requirements of its clients and prepares compelling content.

This content writing that business organizations use is broadly divided into two categories. The first one is B2B content writing which means Business to Business content writing. The next one is B2C content writing which stands for Business to Consumer content writing.

What is the difference between B2C content writing and B2B content writing?

As the name suggests, B2B and B2C are two types of content writing narratives where, in B2B, both the sender and the receiver are business organizations and, in B2C, the sender is the business organization, and the receiver is the consumer. Based on this basic difference, further differences arise in the two categories of content writing. It is here that content writing services are required.

Both B2B and B2C content writing have different characteristics and methods of delivery. They can seem alike in many cases, but they do have some striking differences.

Characteristics of B2B content writing

In case you were wondering about how to deliver B2B content, then your guide is here. You can go through the tips and make sure that you develop a good content piece.

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  • B2B content writing is more based on formal interaction. The content sent to B2B audiences is more detailed and full of information. They are aimed at the business organizations, and hence the receiver of the content decides for the whole organization.

The decisions made are taken in place of the organization rather than for the individual’s own interest. The people dealing with the B2B content are the representatives of the organizations instead of being the sole receiver and senders.

  • B2B communication is based on logic instead of emotions. Hence, content writing for B2B communication needs to be more formal and based on information and facts. The whole content needs to be very logical and straightforward.

It does not include any random spur of emotions or any attractive cluster of words. The B2B content writing consists of topics like how to increase the productivity of sale or what are the current profitability measure and other contents just like this.

There is no requirement of over creativity or emotional targeting in B2B communication. Instead, it can make your content look very unprofessional, which might prove not good for your business.

  •  The B2B content needs to be written in a way that is targeted at all. This means that the content should not be developed while keeping a certain type of audience in mind. Instead, the content should be such that it has the power to appeal to anyone. B2B communication is business based, and hence any sort of person could be reviewing your content. This is the reason why you need to develop a universally appealing content.


  • B2B content writing needs to have a clear tone and very specific information. The language should be formal, and the tone of the content writing should not seem appropriate to the receiver of the content. Although it needs to be interesting, yet it should be drafted in a way that looks appropriate. The content of B2C content writing can be a bit complex to understand for other common people.

Characteristics of B2C content writing

After B2B, B2C write up are very different. You cannot use the same method to create and deliver content for both the case. Here is your guide to delivering good quality B2C content write up.

  • B2C content writing is more based on informal communication. The prime aim is to impress the audience of the company and hence the content can be very informal. The content should be best suited to consumer’s interest and can have attractive and catchy lies included in it.
  •  B2C content writing can include emotions which are not the case with B2B content writing. It is very natural for the B2C content writing to have a lot of emotions included. The B2C content writing reaches the customers who make decisions on the basis of their own interest. The interest is usually developed by the targeting of emotions. It is normally the emotional reactions that strike the interest of a person by the content prepared by the company.
  • While developing the B2C content, the content should be drafted according to the type of audience that the company has. Unlike B2B content writing, the content of B2C communication is targeted to a specific audience. It is not necessary that everyone develop their interest in the content drafted for the specific section of the company’s audience. The content is solely developed for the consumers of the company and hence is targeted only towards them.
  •  B2C content writing needs to include a lot of creativity. This is because B2C content writing is developed for individual consumers. In this case, the consumers are the ones who have developed their own interest in the content. It is necessary to grab their attention to the message that is related to them. They make the decisions for themselves, unlike the B2B communication, where the candidate makes the decision on behalf of the company.  
  • B2C content writing needs to be interesting. It usually contains very interesting facts and an interesting tone. The content of B2C communication needs to be engaging enough. It consists of an informal tone and an engaging viewpoint. B2C content writing needs to be very easy to read and understand. It should be drafted in a simple language instead of being too complex.

At The End

Although both B2B and B2C have a very striking difference, yet there exists one limitation. Here, we fail to keep the account for general human behaviour or human nature. Although, ideally B2B communication is supposed to be straight on point and brief whereas B2C communication is expected to be more informal and emotion is striking, yet we miss on one point that it is humans that we are dealing with in the scenario. It is a normal human tendency to be attracted to something that looks appealing or seems compelling. For this matter of fact, even in B2B content writing, we need to include some emotions ad appealing facts. But make sure that it is in limits. Introduction of some emotions is important, but one should make sure that it does not become excessive. 

Similarly, using too much of emotions while drafting the B2C content might become disadvantageous. Using too many emotions may make your content look unreliable and not trustworthy. It may seem like some random advertisement ad may tend to be ignored by the consumers of the company. Your prime aim should be to grab their attention and not to drive their attention away. This is why you need to draft such write-ups that look appropriate to the situation.

Both of the B2B and B2C content writing are very important to the company. Both have very different ways of being written down. The B2B is a longer communication process between two business organizations, and it takes longer for the whole communication to take place.

On the other hand, B2C is aimed at customers. Although it is kept short, the frequency of communication is quite high, and the business organizations keep sending messages to the consumers.

If you are aiming at growing well, then you will have to excel at both B2B and B2C content writing. You will have to draft great and amazing messages for both cases to build up a great business base.

In case you are having trouble drafting both the messages, then you can take the help of content writing services from a content writing company. There are tons of content writing companies available to help you at your venture. You must carefully choose one company out of the bulk that suits your expectations the best.

Content writing is no joke, and neither is it everyone’s cup of tea. Either you must be a good content writer yourself to be able to draft sufficiently good messages to be relayed to other business organizations, consumers and your own business organization. That is the key to grow our company well. Or you can hire content writers for this specific task as employees of your company if you need to have the content writers by your side. The third and last option is to seek help from a content writing company. Irrespective of the source, your aim should be at delivering good quality content.

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