Why House Inspection Important Before Buying A House?


When you go and make surveys of different houses that you have shortlisted; there are several aspects that you consider before deciding which one to buy. You check the location, neighborhood and availability of various facilities. You see a beautiful house with everything perfectly placed and you decide to buy it. But wait; have you considered having it inspected? Sometimes a nice locking house can have serious underlying problems.

What is understood by a House Inspection?

House inspection is a simple process of checking the entire house for any faults and issues that can be a headache for the buyer. This inspection can be done for every kind of house even to stop renting start buying. Many buyers don’t bother to have the inspection just to save a few hundred dollars, but in the long run, it can lead to several problems.

A House inspection must include

The very initial house inspection is conducted when the house is being constructed. During this stage three points have to be covered;

  1. The foundation of the house before and after it is laid.
  2. Checking the wiring and piping systems.
  3. A complete investigation of the whole house after construction.

But the duty of the inspector doesn’t finish at this stage. He/ she can be called at any time; especially before buying a house to do the following inspections.

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Checking of the Exterior

The house inspector uses various tools and equipment to conduct a thorough inspection of the following exterior points;

  1. The foundation of the building.
  2. Exterior walls for any cracks, damage or seepage.
  3. The grading slopes in the right position.
  4. All doors and windows.
  5. The proper construction of the roof.

Surveying the Interior

Once the inspector has finished outside; he/ she can focus on the inside of the house. Surveying the interior of the house can take longer because there are a lot of rooms, area and systems to cover.

  1. The plumbing in the bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen.
  2. The electrical, cooling, heating, fire alarm and ventilation systems.
  3. The walls for any damage.

What is not included?

One important thing that buyers have to understand that there are a few things that are not included in the home inspection. Even if you pay extra for it; the inspectors will never conduct the following;

  1. The inside of the walls cannot be checked.
  2. The middle lining of the sewerage lines and pipes.
  3. The electric panels will never be taken off.

Is it necessary to stop renting start buying option?

It is a good decision that you do not go out and search for a new house and instead buy the house you have rented. But it is essential that you request a house inspection. There are many companies like Stop Renting Perth that can help you in buying the house you are already renting.

Importance of a House Inspection

As you know what a house inspection, what it should include and what not? Now it is the best time to explain to you its importance; not only for the buyer but also for the sellers. There is a lot of risks involved when you are investing so much money in a property; so you need to be very sure of the house and its different aspects.

Know all apparent and hidden hazards

A house that is well maintained looks foolproof and superb, but even then there are several underlying issues that can be hidden from the naked eye. An inspector has keen eyesight and talent to spot all hidden and apparent hazards that can damage the whole structure of the building. Identifying them in the initial stage will save you money.

Determine any unauthorized equipment

There are several equipment and systems that are recommended to be installed in the proper way under licensed companies. But people try to economize and either install low-quality equipment or do it themselves. If this point goes unchecked then it can be dangerous to the people living there and those who will come after them.

Increase the value of the House

A certificate of a house inspection that confirms that the house is without faults and flaws; will eventually increase the value of the house. This is beneficial for the sellers because as the value of the house increases so does the price.

Attracts more buyers

A buyer will never go for a house that doesn’t have a good reputation regarding the structure and construction. Always they will prefer to consider a house that is certified as OK by the house inspector. More and more buyers will be attracted to houses that have cleared the inspection.

Easy approval of Insurance

If you want that your house must be insured then you definitely must and should have a house inspection. Most of the insurance companies have a policy and rule that the insurance will not be approved if there is no home inspection certificate. So if you want easy approval of the insurance then most certainly have the process done.

Predict the upcoming expenses

The last and most important reason for having the house inspection is that you will come to know about the expenses that will come once you have bought the house. Even if you are considering stop renting start buying. You will know what repairs and maintenance costs you have to bear.

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