Top 5 Honeymoon Places to visit in Andaman on your honeymoon

Top 5 Honeymoon Places to visit in Andaman on your honeymoon
Top 5 Honeymoon Places to visit in Andaman on your honeymoon


Who doesn’t fantasize about having a grand foreign honeymoon in an exotic beach destination? Anyway, Andaman can compete with any fascinating foreign beach destination with its captivating scenic elegance. From the stunning views of the Indian Ocean to the everlasting experience of spending personal time in the remote Andaman beaches, you have a lot to do in Andaman that will make your honeymoon unforgettable. Andaman, a compact honeymoon destination, consists of numerous enchanting islands with peaceful and soothing vibes. So, which locations you can’t miss when you’re in Andaman? Here we are mentioning the top destinations to help you prepare your trip plan concisely. 

Port Blair 

Port Blair, the capital of Andaman, carries an upbeat and cherishing vibe in its air. Consisting of hundreds of luxurious beach resorts and parks, Port Blair never fails to make your trip entertainment-packed. Be it the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park or the Mount Harriet National Park; you get an incredible experience while visiting any of these parks. Significantly, the Mount Harriet National Park offers some mind-blowing experiences to a couple as it is posited in the lap of the mesmerizing Mount Harriet. Alongside, the Limestone Caves and the Anthropological Museum carry equal significance from tourism perspectives. Port Blair is the gateway to all the lucrative destinations of Andaman and Nicobar. 

Havelock Island 

Andaman Nicobar Honeymoon  package is incomplete without an exclusive trip to Havelock Island. This is the most transcending destination you may visit in Andaman. The visual appeal and the colourful ambiance of Havelock Island are unmatched, and the destination can compete with any foreign beach destination comfortably. The heavenly beauty of the Elephant Beach in Havelock Island will linger in your dreams forever. You can enjoy a thrilling elephant ride with your partner in the incredible destination. As you step into the serene island, you feel connected to nature. Nothing can be better than enjoying the visuals of the sunset from this great island. So, Havelock Island must be there on your priority list. 

Neil Island 

You can’t afford to relish the out-of-the-world beauty of the white-sand beaches of Neil Island. Unlike other beaches and islands of Andaman, Neil Island doesn’t receive too many visitors. Hence, you get the chance to replenish the romance between you and your partner amidst the tropical woods of Neil Island. Also, you have the opportunity to escalate your excitement by diving deep into the water to discover coral reefs. The astonishing charm of the underwater world will fill your mind with amazement and positive vibes. Lakshmanpur Beach is the most recognized beach on Neil Island. However, the locations nearby the Natural Bridge will allow you to speculate the remarkable biodiversity in the impressive island. 

Ross Island 

Do you need a separate introduction to the historical background of Andaman? Probably, none does. Ross Island will take you back to the past century, and you’ll get a completely different flavor on this island. The remains of the old British Colonial heritage still exist on this island. Moreover, a thrill-filled visit to Barren Island will thrill your senses for sure. You can have a visit to the Japanese Bunkers as well to revise your knowledge about the historical supremacy of Andaman. The unique light and sound exhibition arranged by the Forest Department Museum will also make your traveling experience magical. Hence, we suggest you visit Ross Island mandatorily when you plan your honeymoon in Andaman. 


Located at a distance of 300 km from Port Blair, Diglipur is an excellent choice for honeymoon couples. Having a long drive to this destination will refresh your mind and strengthen your connection with your partner. You can witness the breathtaking landscapes of the green saddle peak from this incomparable destination. The Chalis Ek Caves and the Alfred Caves won’t disappoint you as these places are packed with mystic and unique components. So, never plan your honeymoon in Andaman without adding a Diglipur trip into it.

These are the best honeymoon destinations in Andaman that can take your honeymoon to the next level. So, include these destinations indeed in your itinerary while visiting Andaman with your partner for having a relaxing honeymoon.