Honda Accord Post-Winter Car Care


The Honda Accord is famous for its exceptional reliability. With a little bit of regular maintenance, you can drive your accord for well over 100,000 miles. Many make it twice that far or more. As the winter comes to a close, you should be thinking about some preventative maintenance that can help to undo some of the damage of the cold months.

Springtime Honda Accord Maintenance Steps

The birds are chirping, and you are popping the hood for a spring tune-up. These are some elements you should look at:

  • Battery: Cold weather can be tough on a battery. Check yours for health and consider buying a new Honda Accord battery.
  • Oil and Fluids: Check all your fluids including brake, power steering, windshield washer and oil. It is likely a good idea to change the oil and filter if you haven’t done so recently.
  • Tires: Make sure your tires are in good shape and at the right pressure. If you use winter tires, consider switching to your summer tires.
  • Windshield: Check the windshield for any cracks or damage. You can often fix cracks if you catch them early.
  • Body: The salt, dirt and snow from the winter can be hard on your car paint. Consider doing a thorough car wash and applying wax in the spring.

How Winter Affects Your Car Battery

Your car battery likes to be in moderate temperatures whenever possible. So, the cost weather can be a little harsh on them, especially if it below freezing. One study found that batteries are 35% less effective when used at freezing temperatures and 60% less effective when used at zero degrees Fahrenheit. The reduced capacity can hurt their life span over time.

Modern car batteries, such as those use in all recent Accords, are designed to be tough even in difficult temperatures. However, they still take a little more wear and tear in the cold months. If you can park your vehicle in a garage, do so. Otherwise, make sure to check your battery periodically. It will prevent you from finding yourself stuck with a dead battery one day.

How To Replace a Honda Accord Battery

Fortunately, replacing a battery is easy and you can do it yourself. The following are the steps for changing a 2017 Honda Accord battery. However, they are similar to other Accords and passenger vehicles.

  1. Locate the Battery: In your Accord, it is under the hood near the front and on the right (if you are facing the vehicle).
  2. Disconnect Cables: Disconnect the cables starting with the negative cable. Make sure to secure the cables away from the battery as soon as you remove them (to prevent accidental reconnection).
  3. Loosen the Clamp: Release the clamp that holds the battery down.
  4. Remove Battery: Lift the old battery out of the engine compartment.
  5. Connect New Battery: Place the new battery in the holder. Connect the retention clamp. Finally, attach the positive and then negative cables to the battery.

Learn More Today

Discover more about maintaining your Honda Accord today. With a little effort, you can get a lot of miles from your car.