The Complete Home Safety Checklist for Elderly

home safety checklist for elderly

Did you know that nearly 36 million elderly folks fall every year at home? Falling is a major health risk, especially for older adults living on their own.

To keep older adults living independently, it’s imperative to eliminate hazards and create a safer space. By making some small adjustments, you can help reduce the safety hazards throughout their home.

Follow this home safety checklist for elderly loved ones to make their homes safer and easier to manage.

The Complete Home Safety Checklist For Elderly Adults

Each area of the home poses its unique challenge to struggling older adults. If you are helping to retrofit your loved one’s space, it’s important to go room-to-room and assess the safety risks in each place. That way you can make any modifications needed to help improve the safety and ease of their home.

Bathroom Safety

Sometimes the simplest activities, such as getting up and down from the toilet or showering, can create safety hazards. Thankfully there are certain modifications you can make to create a more accessible and safer bathroom experience.

  • Adding Grab Bars To Your Shower and Near The Toilet
  • Raised Toilet Seat with Armrests
  • Slip-Resistant Rugs
  • Adhesive Traction Tape
  • Transfer Benches or Shower Chairs

By making these additions, you will help reduce slipping incidents and other household struggles.

Bedroom Safety

Bedroom and bathroom safety modifications are some of the most important additions needed. Falls can easily happen when an older adult is sleepy or unable to detect obstacles.

The main items needed for bedroom safety are listed below:

  • Handrails or Pull Boards on the Bed
  • Flashlight, Phone, and Lamp Within Reach
  • Raised Bed
  • Sturdy Chair for Changing
  • No Loose Rugs

Adding a handrail or pull board is a great way to assist a loved one in getting out of bed. As you can see, it’s also important to have emergency essentials within reach, just in case.

General Home Safety

Loose rugs and other clutter are some of the leading risks associated with falls. By decluttering your loved one’s living space, you will help reduce this likelihood. See all the essentials needed for a safer living area, below.

  • Declutter & Clear Pathways
  • Utilize Smart Technology
  • Replace Wobbly & Low Chairs
  • Keep Everyday Items Easily- Accessible
  • Secure Carpeting
  • Add Nightlights
  • Increased Lighting
  • Donate Loose Rugs
  • Well-Lit Stairwells with Handrails.

Since stairs can be especially risky for elderly adults, consider investing in stair lifts for easier transfers.

Switch to a Safe Home Environment for Elderly Loved Ones

There are so many ways to help aging adults maintain their well-being and independence from their homes. Small adjustments and specific safety equipment can make the world of difference. Thankfully many of these items can be found at medical supply stores, Amazon, or even at discounted donation sights.

Remember to utilize this home safety checklist for elderly loved ones to ensure a safer and easier living experience. By making these modifications, you will help to avoid dangerous falls with life-threatening consequences.