Different Types of Window Decoration Ideas

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Whenever we get ourselves a window installed all we think is how to cover it. Basically, we get a window installed to protect it. If you find any window without something covering it, it looks pretty bare. But there are people who just feel like fixing everything and found these window treatments.

When you go out and ask people what window treatment is, you’ll rarely find the answer. But every single one out there knows the examples of window treatments like shades curtains, drapes, blinds, and shutters.

This place is full of variety, and the interesting part is that every category has its own set of abundant varieties and options for us to choose from. And stepping out into the world of window treatment without having sufficient knowledge can be overwhelming. So we are going to talk about the basics of window treatment, to know what you should get for yourselves according to the needs of your home.

Types of Window Decoration

Window treatment is a decorative accessory you can hang or attach to your window. Interior designers and professionals in this field divide the treatments into two categories; Hard and Soft according to the material used to make them.

Hard Window Treatments

The decorative treatments of windows are usually made of durable and beautiful materials. In the initial days of these treatments they were made of wood, but now you can see synthetic, metal, and vinyl options. These work as window furniture.

The two different styles are

  • Blinds are a series of flat stripes mostly in horizontal style and even rarely in vertical format when they are attached together with the help of a cord or cloth. This lets this treatment tilt, open, and close to various angles. The blinds can be lowered and raised too
  • Shutters are striped style doors that are fixed on the hinges of the window frames which let them wing close and open.

Soft Window Treatments

If we say these hard window treatments are furniture, the soft window treatments are like their clothes. Even these are categorized into two styles

  • Curtains or drapes are fabric panels, which are attached or hung with a rod flowing to the length of the window. And if opting for ready-made curtains online you can expect a top or bottom half of the curtain. Curtains are thinner when compared to drapes, drapes are lined and heavier. They can be paired together for more aesthetic appeal.
  • Shades are wrapped around rollers or even folded up according to the desired style, shades are one long piece of material. They work similarly to blinds and can be raised and lowered according to the need.

Shades are sometimes said to be hard window treatments as they are judged according to the material used to make them. As shades are made of three dimensions and have insulated synthetics in them. You’ll find many shades made of wood like bamboo or even grass. Advanced technology has blurred the thin line between hard and soft window treatment.

Decorative Window Treatments

Window treatments are hung or attached to the windows to either cover the window or expose the window glass panel. But even after all these new techniques and advancements, there are some styles that are always evergreen and never out of style.

  • Valances a piece of cloth hung over a window in the form of a decorative item over curtains. They usually are attached at the top or upper part of the window.
chairs-tables in-room
  • Cornices are box-shaped structures that are hollow, fitted over a window.

If we categorized them as soft or hard window treatments, then valances are soft whereas cornices are hard window treatments. They both work well with shades, curtains, drapes, and blinds.

How to Choose the Right Window Treatments?

The cost of these window treatments depends on what technology, and material you choose for your window. Are you planning to get ready-made curtains or customized ones?

The options are overwhelming, here are some considerations you


If you plan on getting customized or made-to-measure treatments cost more than the readymade ones or say standard curtains. And moreover, if you plan on getting some additional window treatment then the cost might add up to it. If you have no restriction on budget and plan on getting automated or advanced windows, all you need to do is pay thrice the actual cost.



The three main roles of window treatments are

  • To restrict light from entering
  • To provide you with privacy
  • And keep you warm.

Shutters and blinds are the best options when you want to control lights as the stripes and movable cords help you adjust the angles of drapes accordingly. And if you want something which helps you save energy then think about getting yourself a solar treatment.


The types of window treatments have a great variety in them, which makes it a very overwhelming situation for us to choose from. If you want a cleaner and tinder look, choosing shades and blinds can work great. They bring a minimalist decor look to your room. If we talk about curtains and drapes, they make the room cozier and small.

Shutters bring a historic and rustic appeal to your room, as the wooden finish brings a great difference and offers you a unique look for the place.

There is nothing to choose from, you can easily opt for both the hard and soft window treatments. This guide was important as windows catch everyone’s eye the moment they enter the room. They control the allowance of lights in the room, and along with it, they maintain the beauty of your room. They let you play with colors and patterns to elevate your room’s aesthetics. With the right window treatment, you can simply convert your simple room into the most beautiful one.

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