3 Tell-a-Tale Signs of Drain Blockage and how you can Avoid them

Drain Blockage

In any commercial kitchen, one of the common problems of hygiene faced is the blockage of drains. Needless to say, continuous cooking, and washing of kitchen utensils does take a toll on the drains which if not taken care of can lead to blockage. This can further lead to the production and spread of foul odors may lead to unhappy kitchen staff and customers leading to a bad reputation for the brand.

In order to clear blocked drains and to avoid their blockage, it is strongly suggested to opt for grease trap cleaning services. There are many grease trap cleaning agencies that offer effective blocked drain jetting along with grease trap cleaning, installation, and maintenance. However, in this blog, we shall be talking about the various signs that show the blockage of drains.

Slow draining: Usually, the speed of water flowing through the drain is faster than the water coming out of the tap. So, if you find that the water flowing through the drain is slower than it is supposed to be, know that there is a blockage in it. Also, another sign to mention here is the build-up of water.
Grease trap cleaning services have professionals that use state-of-the-art methods like high-pressure water jetting to clean such blocked drains without any kind of fuss.

Strange odors: One of the most common signs of blocked drains is unusual odors. These include the foul smell that forms as a result of the accumulation of waste in the drain over a period of time. This is also due to negligence in cleaning and maintenance. In the case of a commercial kitchen, this can be a serious problem and as mentioned in our introduction, can lead to displeased customers and a bad brand reputation leading to a loss in business.

In order to prevent this, it is suggested to hire a grease trap cleaning agency that carries out effective ways to clean the drains along with sustainable disposal of the waste matter.

unblocking the Drain

Leaks and weird sounds: This is the most underrated reason for blocked drains. And if not looked into, they can cost you a lot. If you hear choking sounds from the drainpipe as the water flows down, it means there might be a blockage in the drain. Do not think twice and take the steps to clean it right away. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Also, if you see a leakage somewhere in the pipe, this might be due to the pressure exerted on its insides due to the accumulation of waste. This needs immediate fixing which will otherwise lead to more leakage and eventually the pipe may burst.

Hiring a grease trap cleaning agency lets you know what the fault is for real and provides effective ways to avoid it. They have suitable equipment that is made to take care of faulty drains so that they can be given back their initial full-working form.

Additional: An effective way to avoid drain blockage is a grease trap installation. Grease traps collect all the waste material letting out only the liquid matter. This helps prevent drain blockages to a great extent.

There are many grease trap cleaning agencies in Dublin, Ireland, that provide high-quality grease traps for commercial kitchens like restaurants, pubs, fast food outlets, factory kitchens, hospitals, and many more. They also provide their cleaning, maintenance, and installation along with sustainable waste disposal.

The 3 above-mentioned points show strong signs of drain blockage in a commercial kitchen and how you can take care of them by hiring a grease trap cleaning agency. Keeping these points in mind will help you give your commercial kitchen better and more hygienic surroundings thus adding to its reputation for cleanliness.

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