The Reasons Why Automatic Sectional Garage Doors are so Popular

Automatic Garage Door

Garages are a common feature of every house and allow homeowners to park their cars and keep them safe from theft or any damage common while the cars are parked on the street. Traditionally garage doors used to open manually, but now most modern garage doors open automatically. The garage doors are made of different types, such as metal, fibreglass, and wood. The six most popular types of garage doors include roll-up, sectional, side to side, tilt-up canopy, side-hinged, and tilt-up retractable.

In many houses, the garage is connected with the house so that a person can easily get into and out of the car. But the garage space should be functional, easily accessible, and safe, no matter if it’s connected to the main house or not. The garage doors are meant to last for a long duration, but there are times that the garage door breaks down and malfunctions and needs repair or replacement. It is noted that garage doors are used very frequently, and nearly 1500 times, the garage doors are opened and closed, which means it needs regular checks and maintenance to ensure functionality.

The sectional garage doors are the most popular and are made up of panel sections that are connected by hinges. When the door is opened or closed, the wheels placed on the end of each panel roll inside the vertical track on both sides of the opening. The two advantages that sectional doors have over single panel garage doors are

  • The sectional garage door can easily open even if the car is closed to the garage door. The sectional doors do not require additional space to open.
  • Each panel present on the sectional door is connected with the vertical track of the door, which increases reliability, functionality, and durability.
  • Provide lots of space under the garage and gives fast access to the garage.

The sectional doors can be produced with different materials, but the most common are aluminium, wood, steel, vinyl, and glass. automatic sectional garage doors are divided into sections or panels that operate on vertical and horizontal tracks. The doors lift vertically which allows maximum driving space for the homeowners. With sectional garage doors, you can easily park and drive out big and wider vehicles such as sports utility vehicles and trucks.

The sectional garage doors come with both insulated ad non-insulated model options. The classic models are uninsulated. The premium automatic garage doors offer 42mm insulation, and the sectional doors feature weather seals made of rubber to keep the water and heat out. The hinges between the panels bend over the rim of the track and make the door lie parallel to the ceiling when opened and touch the walls when closed. There are a pair of heavy-duty and high tension springs attached to the cables that make the door open and close and keep the door from coming down when it is opened partially.

car in a garage

The sectional garage doors are typically made from steel and require little but regular maintenance. The doors can also be customized to add features such as hardware, inserts, colour, and textures. When you are planning to replace the existing garage door, then you must consider the door material, colour, insulation, hardware, and finish before making a decision. An automatic sectional garage door does not require a key to lock or unlock it manually, and it will function automatically every time. The reasons why an automatic sectional garage door is a popular choice among homeowners are:

Maximum Functionality

The biggest advantage of a sectional garage door is when opened or closed, it does not protrude over the garage space and allows wide space to either park the car or take it out for driving. The need for accessibility is the main reason why many homeowners want a sectional garage door, and it is also economical. The sectional garage door opens up inside or curls up along the ceiling and allows free space. The sectional doors are most suited to the house that is located closer to the street or a fence.

Insulation Options

Garage doors are a crucial part of the house, but they may also contribute to heat losses in the house. A sectional garage door, on the other hand, is helpful in reducing heating expenses as it features insulation, which is not found in other types of garage doors. The automatic sectional doors for the garage are filled with PU (polyurethane) foam, a sealing system, and added inter panel covers. A PU foam is known to prevent air and moisture from escaping.


One of the key aspects of the sectional garage door is ‘safety,’ and it is fitted with a cable protection system that prevents the garage door from dropping or falling when there is a loss of power or any other mechanical failure. A hand can easily be moved over the sectional door panels without the risk of the parts folding up and causing an injury. The sectional garage doors are bolted tightly to the ground which prevents a burglary, which is common in up and over garage doors. The sectional garage doors are also fitted with an overload protection mechanism, which means when an object is hit, the door will stop and then retract upwards.

According to studies and surveys, more than 80% of homeowners select an automatic garage door due to its easy functionality, affordability, safety, and durability. The sectional garage doors come in a variety of designs with both classic and modern styles. A sectional garage door can even be customized to match the entrance gate of the house and the doors and windows of the house. If you wish to renovate or upgrade the garage space, then you must consider installing an automatic sectional garage door.

The sectional garage doors do not take up space, which makes them best for a house with short driveways, and you can drive the car right close to the garage door. The sectional garage door also offers more security and helps to reduce energy costs.

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