Luxury Vinyl Tile vs. Hardwood Flooring

Installing the wood work on the floor

To best delineate the equivalent attributes of extravagance vinyl tile versus hardwood flooring, how about we separate flooring into five quantifiable characteristics:

  • Look and Style
  • Solidness and Stability
  • Ecological Impact
  • Applications
  • Cost

Next to each other, you might be astonished to find that extravagance vinyl tile isn’t just a reasonable arrangement, yet an ideal one — the best flooring arrangement.

Look and Style

We should begin with what might appear to be the self-evident: hardwood floors are immortally wonderful. Indeed, even a vinyl flooring producer would concur. Be that as it may, hardwood’s look and style are constrained by a few components including but not restricted to the accessibility of wood species and simplicity and plausibility of customization and design.

It ought to be noticed that these variables, at their root, are driven by different elements (which will be talked about in a matter of seconds). Basically, the client pays for each individual part of look and style — perspectives that are innately normal for extravagance vinyl tile.

Hardwood flooring is unarguably delightful. It comes in numerous hues, characteristics and interior design styles. In any case, these styles are 2-3 times more costly than extravagance vinyl wood boards which as of now include the extra looks and styles that must be bought for hardwood.

Extravagance vinyl, then again, evades every one of these value factors by its inclination. The appearance of vinyl is basically a photographic picture layer between the backing and the unmistakable wear layer. With steady and exponential improvements in computerized photography and picture editing/control, extravagance vinyl tile designers need just a photo of the ideal wood species (or some other subject) to make a nature-practical item. The consistency of the extravagance vinyl generation process likewise means a lower cost.

There is the idea, obviously, that anybody can differentiate between genuine hardwood and wood vinyl boards. This is becoming less and less the case as the advances in photography and manufacturing develop. Alongside the previously mentioned nature-reasonable imaging now conceivable through current photographic and editing strategies, some extravagance vinyl tile makers have utilized propelled printing systems that make wear layer texturization. This implies your wood vinyl boards do not just look like genuine hardwood — they feel like it as well. Along these lines, except if your customers are inspecting it very close on their hands and knees, extravagance vinyl tile won’t be perceivable from genuine hardwood.

There is a perceptible distinction between hardwood and item wood design vinyl boards. Nonetheless, current innovation has made those distinctions incredibly hard to perceive in an extravagance vinyl tile flooring, which gives you a close impeccable hardwood search for a small amount of the expense.

Hardwood Flooring

  • Hardwood flooring is immortally lovely.
  • It comes in numerous hues, characteristics, and styles.
  • It can be 2-3 times more costly than LVT.

Extravagance VINYL TILE

  • On account of innovation, contrasts between hardwood and wood design LVT are incredibly hard to perceive.
  • Close immaculate hardwood search for a small amount of the expense.

Solidness and Stability

Before discussing the solidness and steadiness of vinyl versus hardwood, we ought to define the terms, as they appear to be comparative.

Sturdiness: Hardness of the flooring — particularly its highest wear layer. The tougher flooring, the more useful it can take.

Steadiness: Governed by the thickness of the entire or potentially cosmetics of layers and nature of materials. Stable flooring material holds its shape and size against dampness or potentially atmosphere changes.

As a characteristic material, hardwood floors endure both toughness and security. A well-kept hardwood floor requires watchful maintenance. Wood, being a permeable material, is powerless to fluid and atmosphere harm and is accordingly not appropriate for washrooms or different rooms where spills and dampness are normal. What’s more, the main arrangement for the toughness of hardwood is in a polyurethane coating. This makes it entirely unsatisfactory for business or high-traffic applications, as the coating needs ordinary expulsion and reapplication.

Hardwood can be tough and stable, with steady upkeep. It is that as it may, on account of its permeable nature and a prerequisite for defensive coating, constrained in application to non-dampness inclined, low traffic regions.

As an engineered material, extravagance vinyl floors are, commonly, impervious to dampness and atmosphere. Parterre’s extravagance vinyl, for instance, is made with great vinyl — produced with multi-directional base layers under a level, hot press technique. This gives the flooring a memory for straightness that holds up under sensible dampness and temperature changes.

Installing the vinyl tiles

Extravagance wood vinyl boards likewise, in contrast to hardwood, have an incredibly hard, sturdy wear layer. Because of its solidness, a few guarantees can last as long as 20 years (and Parterre items frequently outlast their guarantees). Made under incredible warmth and weight, the numerous layers of extravagance vinyl tile make it very solid and stable.

Extravagance vinyl tile is incredibly tough and stable, with practically zero upkeep. Its hard wear layer makes it durable and appropriate to any circumstance. Most guarantees award use under business conditions.

Hardwood Flooring

  • Hardwood flooring is both tough and stable.
  • Requires consistent upkeep.
  • Restricted in application to non-dampness inclined, low traffic regions.
  • Extravagance VINYL TILE
  • Amazingly strong and stable.
  • Practically no upkeep.
  • A hard wear layer makes LVT durable and pertinent to any circumstance.

Ecological Impact

Doubtlessly since hardwood is a characteristic material (a “sustainable” asset) and vinyl is produced using a manufactured material, the previous would be the most Eco-accommodating. This is basically not the situation. While trees are actually sustainable, deforestation rates far outweigh the restricted endeavours to replant and regrow timberland of new trees.

Parterre’s extravagance vinyl flooring is contained reused materials, is recyclable and is produced using a manufactured (PVC) whose main segment is a very plentiful asset — salt. Instead of continually cutting down swaths of once in a while uncommon and colourful trees, vinyl flooring requires just a photo of a piece of a tree.

Hardwood Flooring

  • While trees are in fact sustainable, deforestation rates far outweigh the restricted
  • Endeavours to replant and regrow timberland of new trees.
  • Extravagance VINYL TILE
  • Parterre is recyclable and included reused materials.


Wood flooring can be utilized in business settings, however just with steady upkeep. Its thin polyurethane coating is a below-average wear layer (particularly contrasted with extravagance vinyl tile). Consistent substantial traffic basic to retail, corporate and office settings would require visits and tedious and costly maintenance. Furthermore, as far as neighbourliness and medicinal services, wood flooring isn’t about sterile or tough enough. Hardwood is appropriate for sports and private use however the cost alone is sufficient to put any potential purchaser off.

While wood flooring can be installed in a portion of these applications, the ramifications of its utilization convey undeniably a greater number of cons than geniuses.

Extravagance vinyl tile is the ideal flooring answer for your next venture, regardless of your design. Its protection from dampness makes it ideal for general store’s produce territories or kitchens and restrooms. The steadiness and strength with which it is fabricated prepare it for business use in retail, accommodation, medicinal services, instructive, private, and fitness settings. Also, because of its boundless customization choices and simplicity of maintenance, every application is without bother and precisely what you need — no trade-offs.

With regards to the extravagance of the vinyl versus wood flooring, there is no next to each other challenge. Any appropriate application for wood flooring is either approached or outperformed by extravagance vinyl in any event as far as cost.

Hardwood Flooring

  • It can be utilized in business settings, however, it requires steady upkeep.
  • Reasonable for sports and private use, however, can be exorbitant.
  • Extravagance VINYL TILE
  • Dampness safe.
  • Steadiness and solidness are reasonable for business use.
  • Boundless customization.


Cost isn’t just a baseline factor, with the normal hardwood floor costing between $8–$25/sq. ft. to extravagance vinyl’s $2–$5/sq. ft., it is likewise a factor that increases the cost hole between extravagance vinyl versus wood flooring. To appropriately maintain hardwood, treatment and refinishing, time and cash must be spent. In a request to acquire the most earth-cognizant woods, the cost rises exponentially. What’s more, notwithstanding the material and upkeep, the installation and transportation of hardwood flooring can likewise add to the expense.

In the least complex terms: the least expensive hardwood is more costly than first-class extravagance vinyl tile, which has the entirety of the previously mentioned benefits included by the very idea of its material.

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