8 Classic Curtain Styles for your Dubai Home

Curtain style in Dubai

Window ornament plans structure a significant piece of any inside finishing venture. They can change the appearance of any room from customary to contemporary or the other way around. On the off chance that you have settled on the shade texture, the subsequent stage is to pick the blind style. This essentially implies you need to settle on a heading style for the drapes that fit with your concept of the room’s stylistic theme. We have given a rundown of the most mainstream styles for you to look over with the goal that you can settle on an all-around educated decision when you purchase or request your window blinds and curtains in Dubai.

French Pleats

French creases are a type of squeeze creasing where three creases are sewn together. They give drapes a proper completion at the top, including a pinch of polish that works out positively for most room stylistic theme styles. This style is most loved among creased window ornament darlings.

Pencil Pleats

The creases right now style are long and thin, as the name recommends, and firmly stuffed together. They give the shade an unmistakable, formal look. This style is normally found in lounges or territories of the house where a visitor can wander.

Cup Pleats

Cup creases, as you can figure, are made as a wine glass or challis. The creases are generally molded with an interlining to keep up their fantastic look. Such a style doesn’t look great if the drapes are as often as possible attracted to the sides. In this way, flagon creases are a progressively perfect window ornament style for rooms that don’t require a great deal of normal light, for example, a conventional parlor with high roofs.


This style is the least complex of the rundown since the blind pole is just slipped into a pocket sewn at the highest point of the drape. All the while, the window ornament normally gets together along the pole. These drapes can’t be moved back, however, can be held open utilizing hang-backs or tiebacks.

Curtain style


Metallic eyelets are fixed over the blind at normal interims with the goal that the drape can move openly on the bar. It gives the shade a contemporary look which is ideal for individuals inclined toward a moderate search for their home.

Pair Pleats

Another type of squeeze crease, the pair crease requires less texture than a french crease as just two creases are made together utilizing a header tape. While french creases are progressively normal, the team crease gives the room an increasingly contemporary look and is the style of decision for some creased shade darlings.


To give any room a rich vibe, you ought to decide on a smocked window ornament. The heading has precious stone shapes sewn into the texture. The drape can have the same number of lines of precious stones as like, with certain styles being so broad as to be called honeycomb-smocked blinds. This window ornament style requires more texture than the entirety of different styles and is the most tedious to tailor. This makes it the most costly choice in the rundown.

Tab Top

Another contemporary style, tab tops are blinds in which little ‘tabs’ of texture are sewn at the highest point of the window ornament. The window ornament pole is slid through these tabs which makes it simple to slide the drape along the bar. This is perfect for rooms that require normal light, for example, a child’s room or a home library.

After you have chosen a style that works out in a good way for your taste and the stylistic layout of the room, you can pick a reasonable texture and get customized blinds and curtains made in Dubai. You can now additionally pick the kind of drapery pole you need to use to balance the window ornaments in the room and pick tiebacks or holdbacks to supplement the look.

In the event that, rather than getting drapes customized, you have chosen to get the instant, here are a few hints to assist you with picking the correct window ornaments, and on the off chance that you need assistance getting your draperies introduced you can undoubtedly book a jack of all trades on Service Market.

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