Why Double Glazing is so Important when it comes to Glass Selection

A glass roof

Windows and doors define a house. They are far more than just functional features. Large glass windows set securely in the best aluminum window frames convey the notion of an openhearted, well-ventilated, and warmly-welcoming household. They signify a happy home.

The question is, is any glass window as good as the other? Actually, no. Single-glass windows do not compare with double-glazed windows when it comes to using glass. Whether your windows open outwards or inwards or are of the sliding type, using double-glazed glass is the smart thing to do.

What is Double-Glazed Glass?

Double-glazed glass, also known as double-paned or insulated glass, is two panes of glass put parallelly together with an insulating layer between them. That layer may be just air or an inert gas like argon or xenon. The two layers remain entirely sealed.

This is different from laminated glass. Laminated glass consists of two layers of glass permanently joined together. There is no insulation in between, unlike in the case of double-glazed glass. Incidentally, the term ‘glaze’ comes from the glass. Glazing is a technical term in the window business. Window-makers are called glaziers.

Why is Double-Glazed Glass Important?

There are several advantages to double-glazed windows, which make them the right choice for smart homes. The initial expenses are definitely higher than getting single-pane glass windows, but the benefits outweigh the costs.

When it comes to building one’s home – safety, security, and comfort emerge as more important than everything else. That is precisely why double-glazed glass is way ahead of a single glass. Also, from a longer-term perspective, double-glazed windows work out cheaper.

Power-Efficient and Environment-Friendly

Double-glazed glasses in a factory

The double-glazed glass comes with an insulation effect, which helps maintain a constant temperature all year round. The glass ensures reduced heat penetration at the height of summer and also keeps the chill at bay.

A unique benefit in winter is condensation control. If there is excess moisture in the air during winter, it causes condensation. That not only makes your home colder but also causes molds and mildew that have hazardous health effects. Windows made of double-glazed glass reduce the condensation effect.

With double-glazed windows, you need to switch on your air-conditioner/s less frequently. The same applies to your room heater/s. You end up saving on your power bills considerably. That also has a positive effect on the environment. Less use of electricity means less greenhouse gas emissions.
Marginally higher expenditures at the time of installation offer good returns on your investment, therefore. Costs to the environment also get reduced in the process. Incidentally, this energy efficiency is the reason behind double-glazed glass also being labeled thermal glass.


Double-glazed glass is naturally more durable than single-paned glass windows. Expert says that double-glazed windows are up to 80% more durable than single-glass ones. Anything between 10 to 20 years is the average life expectancy of double-paned glass.

Enhanced Security

The durability of double-glazed glass brings security with it. It is much more challenging to break double-glazed glass than fragile single glass. If you use tougher glass, you can make your double-glazed glass windows virtually unbreakable. Much better security against possible break-ins through your windows.

Noise Reduction

The insulation that helps reduce your energy bills can also shut out outside noise more efficiently than a single glass. If you are a city-dweller, you know precisely how peaceful it is to be able to shut out the sound of blaring horns and screeching tires.

UV Ray Protection

Double-glazed windows are the best aluminum windows that allow enough sunlight to permeate your house. However, they are efficient in preventing harmful UV rays from penetrating inside. Your furniture and upholstery would preserve better without the damaging effect of UV rays.

Higher Resale Value

Just as the cost of installing double-glazed glass windows is higher, so is their resale value. In case you need to sell your house or want to change your windows, you’ll get a better price if you have double-glazed windows.

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