6 DIY Wall Design Upgrades you Never Knew you Needed

Brown Walls design

What are some wall designs that could upgrade every room in your house?

  1. Giant Pegboard
  2. Canvas Wall Paintings
  3. Hanging Fabric Wall
  4. Wall Garden
  5. Wall Molding
  6. Paint the Ceiling

Revamping a room typically starts with throwing away old personal belongings and displaying new ones. More often than not, individuals that revamp their rooms yet still do not find satisfaction after even replacing some of their things. If ever you have been in the same disposition, then it is probably high time you pay attention to your walls. Your old wall might need repainting for a new look or just need a few decors. With that being said, here are some DIY wall designs that could change the look and vibe of your room.

Giant Pegboard

Pegboards can be made from wood or steel. They typically serve as shelves and as racks for bags or shoes. Unlike normal bookshelves, they have thinner spaces that can only be used for small vases, pots of plants, terrariums, and minimal books. In terms of size, a pegboard can be as small as 12×12 or as huge as it already occupies a large portion of the wall. Aside from books, clothes, shoes, and pots of items, you can also choose to hang mirrors and pieces of jewelry.

Finally, it is entirely up to you what kind of personal items you would want to put on the pegboard. Make sure that all items are appropriate for the location of the pegboard.

Canvas Wall Paintings

If furniture and other hanging decor seem unimpressive to you, why not give canvas wall paintings a try? Regardless of whether you purchase the painting or paint your own, a painting is a great way to decorate a blank wall. Canvases add character and story to a room. From abstract, scenery, or a painting of your dog, selecting a painting to hang up on the wall can depend on the theme of the room.

Otherwise, it is entirely your choice of image. Put up a painting that will remind you of the good times. After all, decor should not only accent a room. Decors should also give you a sense of home and personal space.

Hanging Fabric Wall

If canvas paintings are not your thing, painted fabrics provide the same results. Raid your closet for unused, old scarves and put them on display. You will be surprised how much change a simple scarf can do to a room and of course the barren walls. You can either hang the scarf on the wall using tape or hooks. For extra decoration, you can put the scarf in a large custom picture frame.

This way, you have triple effects: painting, scarf, and picture frame. If scarves are too much, painted handkerchiefs give almost the same results. Since handkerchiefs are smaller than scarves, you can hang multiple pieces to consume a large portion of the wall.

Wall Garden

Put your green thumb into action with this DIY interior wall garden. More and more houses are starting to incorporate nature within their homes. Some, go as far as planting trees inside through a hole in the concrete floor and the foundation of the house. Others, simply bring potted plants indoors. For a change, you can hang them on the walls! The idea is best suited for the kitchen or the living room. Not only are they aesthetic but also beneficial for the circulation of indoor air.

Green Walls of a room

Take note, you must obtain plants and flowers that are meant for the indoors. Otherwise, they might not survive very long. In addition to that, if you are eager to place a non-indoor plant, make sure to bring it out during the daytime so that it will receive the amount of sunlight it requires.

Wall Molding

Tired of blank and flat walls? Why not add moldings and paint them a different color? Molding adds depth to a wall which creates a unique dimensional effect in the bedroom. For a little contrast, you can paint the moldings a different color. You can either use color with the same shade of the entire wall or use a quirky and fun color to make the wall look more exciting. With the rectangular moldings, you can create different formations or even shapes.

Paint the Ceiling

For additional visual interest, you can paint the ceiling the same style or color as the walls. If you are not the type to match everything, contrasting colors work fine as well. Most of the time, bold colors are used to make the ceiling look higher. With this, avoid using black and other dark shades of blue or red as they can make the ceiling look lower than it is. If your room is a Scandinavian-inspired space with neutral decor and natural or soft elements, choose bright and bold colors of blue, purple, or orange. These colors can make any space livelier.

Key Takeaway

More often, people tend to purchase new decor or furniture to revamp a space. While this is a great way to replace old stuff, changing wall painting and adding wall accents or decors can change the whole look of a room. With plenty of DIY wall designs available online, you will never run out of creative ideas to upgrade the walls of your room.

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