Benefits and Negative Qualities of Epoxy Floor Sealer

Sealed Floor

Epoxy floor sealer is an intermediate of the varnish used in furniture. These are high building varnishes that are used on concrete slabs. These are generally used in commercial or industrial places only. These provide a smooth and glossy surface to the concrete slabs which adds texture to the floors.

Advantages of Using Epoxy Floor Sealer

  • It locks the pores of the concrete to make the floor impervious to any liquid coming in contact.
  • Protection from freezing or further cracking.
  • Protection from any kind of stains like oil, wax stains, or any pain color.
  • Protection from corrosion even if it is minute or not.
  • Protection from any kind of salt or chemical that might fall on the floor and might reach the slab.
  • It is not so expensive. It is affordable to buy and is available. Thus, because of this factor, it saves a lot of money as well as time for the person.
  • Makes the surface looks attractive enough because of the shine it leaves after drying off
  • It provides protection from weather conditions too but up to its limit.
  • It is faster to dry up. It dries up within no time.
  • Epoxy floor sealer makes the floor durable enough to last a long time.
  • This material is strong enough and therefore does not break easily. It strengthens the material on which it is placed.
  • This is like varnish so it is easily installed thus, making the job quicker. Because of its easy installation, it saves a lot of time.
  • Once applied on the floor, it does not need any kind of maintenance and cleaning because it itself feels clean by making the floor look shiny.
  • These are available in numerous kinds of colors suitable to the customer. A variety of colors is used according to the design or according to the preference of the customers.
  • These are chemical resistant.
Floor sealer apply on floor

Disadvantages of Using Epoxy Floor Sealer

Along with certain advantages, there are certain disadvantages as well that are concerned with the sealer. To name some of them-

  • These might cause cooling of the floor at some point which might not be suitable at the time of winter.
  • These might get removed or scraped out because of the erosion which might cause the surface to break and cause accidents.
  • If the epoxy floor sealer is not placed properly it can lead to unevenness which might distort the attractive quality that it has to provide on the floors. The elegance that it provides gets vanishes away.
  • These kinds of sealers are very much sensitive to UV radiation. Thus, these can only be applied in cool places with normal atmospheric temperatures. In reaction with the sun’s rays, it might cause certain chemical reactions that might be harmful to the environment and living beings.
  • On exposure to sunlight, these sealers might break away the concrete bonds between the materials which might lead to accidents and are risky to live.
  • A good and real sealer has a long-lasting effect but there might be certain low-quality sealers that might cause breaking as well as be placed for only a permanent time period.
  • The smell of the sealer is considered one of the bad factors. It sometimes leads to a strong headache if inhaled for a longer period of time.

Thus, along with certain pros and cons, epoxy floor sealer is still used for certain activities. Many techniques are used to avoid the disadvantages of the sealer. Se safety measures are taken while using such kinds of varnishes as they are different from ordinary varnishes. Thus, when buying a particular kind of sealer, all these pros and cons should be kept in mind and then only the final decision should be made.

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