A Masculine Themed Bathroom – A Guide to Create the Picturesque Bathroom for you

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Your place will radiate the same energy that is essentially you. That is the reason why people always say that the decor of your home reflects your personality. For an interior designer, it is extremely crucial that we understand your personality. Because if we don’t, how we can design a place that reflects it? And by the decor, we don’t just mean the look and feel of the living area of your bedroom. Even your most personal space, your bathroom will reflect your choice quite beautifully.

So, when you are designing the interior of your bathroom, it is obvious that it must reflect the choices you have made for the feel and vibe of the place. From the hue you are opting for to the fixture style you are choosing, from the lights to the accessories, everything will reflect the theme you have chosen. So, if you are someone, full of virility, charm and masculine energy, your bathroom should look masculine too. Take a look at the following points to know how you can create the look perfectly.

The Rich Dark Hue

It is not necessary that masculinity is all about the dark feel. But when it comes to masculine charm, it is necessary that you think of rich colours that will exude the vibe that you want your bathroom to reflect. So, when you are planning to create a bathroom, make sure you are using colours like navy blue, grey, brown and similar earthy tones. If you feel that only one colour like that will make your bathroom look monotonous, then you can go for another solution. Use stark contrast with white and black in your bathroom. These colours will set the perfect mood for your space.

Bathroom Vanities and Straight Line

A masculine charm is about a no-nonsense feel. When you are creating a bathroom that will reflect your own masculine virility, it is necessary that you choose straight lines for the fixtures. When it comes to bathroom fixtures, bathroom vanities are the most important and prominent ones in the whole space. So, when you are thinking of installing the perfect vanity, make sure you pick the styles that are minimal and smart.

Choose the sleek design, glossy polish and darker shades like dark brown, cherry and so on. If you are looking for a contrast, then paint the bathroom in dark blue or black choose the white vanities so that it can create a perfect juxtaposition which will be the essence of the décor. For style, go for the sleek floating ones. That will be the best option for a no-nonsense style. Worried about your budget? The range of discount bathroom vanities will help you choose the one you love without burning a huge hole in your pocket.

Bathroom with grey tiles

Focal Point

Let’s talk about the symmetry of the look, shall we? When you are designing a bathroom interior and bringing together so many elements, it might distract the onlookers too. So, to create symmetry in the look, it is necessary that you create a focal point in your bathroom. For that, you need a complementary mirror that will become the main point of attracting focus as it will divert attention from the other minor design faults. For a masculine-looking bathroom, look for a clear glass mirror with no or thin border. If you have space constraints, go for a slightly bigger mirror to add up to the illusion of a bigger space.

Minimal Bath Fittings

When you are choosing bath fittings and sanitary, go for white ceramic irrespective of what colour you choose to paint the bathroom with. White looks pristine, flawless and elegant. Undoubtedly, white ceramics will be the perfect finishing touch that your bathroom will need.

So, now as you know about the design ideas for a masculine-themed bathroom, what are you waiting for? Choose the colour, pick the accessory, purchase the discount cabinets and voila! You have created the bathroom you have dreamt of.

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