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If you have encountered with boiler overheating, just be cautious around it as it is a serious issue and contains potential risks for the rest of your family members. The real trouble with boiler overheating is that the unit might get in contact with firing which results in an explosion. Modern boilers have changed technology altogether! They come up with safety features that allow the unit to shut down automatically when it finds a threat to the boiler. Such features don’t let the unit overheat which ultimately reduces the chances of explosion. But if you have taken help from the central heating installation in London, you will overcome the issues that you face with your central heating system or with the boiler itself.

The devices can’t just go right all the time. After all, they are just machines and are subjected to fail at any time! You might encounter a situation where these safety units don’t work at all. Now is the time to take extra care and throw your footstep carefully ( I meant to take action as per the situation). In order to avoid any hazardous accidents, you must be well prepared with “hints” or signs that your boiler will provide when it’s on the verge of overheating.

Let’s talk about the actual reason for overheating.

What’s the reason for the Boilers Overheating?

The most common reason for boiler overheating is the failure of the safety features. Today’s modern boilers are all embedded with much more safety modes that allow the unit to log out when it knows the sign of overheating. This system helps in avoiding the explosion which is actually dangerous for you and your entire family. You will be notified of the defective section that will be displayed to you through the digital display unit.

Boiler faults are difficult to notice. Only professionals can guess what exactly happened with the system. Being an amateur at diagnosing the boiler fault, you should not try to fix it or change the boiler casing. It might be lethal for you. There are still a few boiler faults that you can handle easily and which don’t require any expert hand.

The reason for overheating is the prevention of the circulating system that led the hot water to be sent to the central heating system or hot water cylinder or taps. This happens because of the failing parts or some type of blockage.

What are the risks of an Overheating Boiler?

Though you may not be at heavy risk because of the embedded system of units that shut down itself when it notices the sign of overheating. Gone are the days when accidents are sure to happen because of such a terrible experience! The only risk you can count on is the toxic chemicals that are released when the boiler burns in itself. Overheating results in melting the components inside the boiler which then creates smoke in the property.

That could be the only way you can get dangerous risks from overheating the boiler.

Setting the temperature tod the boiler

What are the causes of Boiler Overheating?

As we said, overheating boilers aren’t of huge risk for homeowners as they come up with safety features but in worst-case scenarios, you need to be extra sure of the system. If you don’t take quick action, you may worsen the boiler more which would lose the potential condition for fixing or mending. You will then have to remove your boiler and think of buying a new one which I guess is a hectic task.

The overheating is due to:

  • When the boiler tends to build up limescale
  • When a blockage happens in a major way
  • When there’s some fault in the pump
  • When the boiler has some thermostat problem

Since devices like a central heating system or boiler, you have to take help from an experienced and gas-safe registered individual. Fixing the boiler by yourself might lead to major consequences of accidents. When you contact a boiler installation service in London or want to deal with servicing, always recommend an appropriately qualified person. The person knows very well what parts he needs to address and how he has to work unlike a normal guy with no knowledge of handling the central heating system. If you do come up with the idea of saving money and calling an unknown strange person to handle your boiler, he may overheat your boiler which results in wasting a lot of money on further replacement.

Legally, no other person outside the gas safe registered certification is allowed to touch the boiler. When an engineer arrives at your door, you are free to ask for his gas safe ID which is proof that he is listed on the gas safe register. Getting a good boiler service is really important if you want your boiler to go a long way. The only way you can keep your boiler running throughout the year is to keep it servicing.

Fixing Overheating Boiler- can you do that yourself?

You can’t sit down with your boiler and start with the fixing thing. There are however certain things that need to be done while you trapped in such a situation. Once you have noticed the sign of “something wrong”, you can turn the water supply off. If you haven’t turned off the water supply, it will raise the temperature of the boiler to a level that would be highly dangerous for you. The reason behind this is that the cold water seeps into the boiler which converts into steam, thus creating another havoc in your life.

That’s all you need to do and then wait for a gas-safe registered engineer to come to your place. The expert engineer will then gauge the trouble and will fix it for you as per the condition.
Other than checking for overheating issues, your boiler will keep signaling you regarding the faults in the system. Every home appliances give enough sign that warns you something is going wrong. If you are well aware of these signs then it will help you in fixing up the broken system before it gets worse and you have to replace it totally.

Is there any chance of an Explosion of the Boiler?

When you ignore the signs of overheating and continue to use the boiler, you will then have to face such a fatal incident. The best way to avoid this is to get the issue treated at the earliest.

Preventing Boiler Overheating

You can save the life of your boiler from reaching such a dangerous level. Such a condition of overheating is created only because of either the build-up of limescale or debris! Make sure you have a magnetic filter that allows the debris to fall into it and which in addition helps the central heating system to regulate the heat properly to every unit.

If you don’t have any system for adding magnetic filters into your boiler, you have to then buy a new boiler that comes up with these features, or else you have to be conscious every time of the overheating problems. While you have tons of options to go for when choosing a company to install a boiler for you, boiler installation services in London are trustworthy as they only send gas safe registered engineers who have years of knowledge in this field.


Overheating a boiler may seem to be an easy task to fix but it isn’t! First of all, it is very dangerous for an amateur to fix it and secondly, it can also lead to an explosion if not treated on time, Hence you need to properly handle the situation while you face an overheating situation.

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