A Complete Guide to Designing your Personalized Modern Bedroom

Bedroom with black background

There is a persona that one carries along as s/he wades through mundane interactions and daily routines. Then, there is another side of one’s personality, which couldn’t care less about the daily hassles and wants nothing more than some quality time with loved ones and a good night’s sleep. That’s probably why living rooms are always so special – they are those spaces where one can let one’s hair down and rejuvenate for the next day. The best bedroom décor sets the perfect ambience for you to ‘rest assured’ without a care in the world. We have put together some trending modern bedroom designs that can take the definitions of “comfort” and “aesthetics” to the next level!

The Quintessential Mid-Century Look

Are you looking for a classic traditional mid-century look for your bedroom? Indeed, this décor can provide a truly elegant and timeless style to your living room. Such a bedroom would consist of classical elements like brick walls, wooden panels, table lamps, and subtle colors. You could even have some abstract patterns set up around the room for the typical mid-century feel!

Traditional and Modern the Industrial Look

Rustic and modern, upbeat and subtle – the industrial style is the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary interior designs. The trademark of this style of décor is its wooden furniture. You could also go for interesting geometrical designs and patterns for the textiles that adorn the bed.

The Modern Rustic Combination

The best example of making a statement in the most subtly brilliant way is by blending the modern with the rustic architectural style. Adorned with intricately patterned carpets, pastel-coloured beds and simple but elegant furniture, this style has a casual and cosy appeal to it.

Minimalistic Décor

The lesser the amount of furniture and extravagance, the more your décor exudes a silent grandeur and elegance. But how does one strike the right balance between being simple and bland? The best bedroom designs in London are those that incorporate subtle designs and textural finesse to the décor as a means to not compromise on the bedroom’s elegance.

Bohemian Beauty

Bed in a bedroom with a chair

There’s hardly anything more visually enriching and refreshing than a beautiful blend of myriad colours. The Bohemian style of interior décor is all about the integration of various bright hues. You could have interesting colour combinations of two or more colours and create an appealing contrast effect!

A Modernist Approach

Modernism, a concept popularized in the early 1900s, continues to influence different forms of artistic expression, including architecture and design. Such a décor consists of well-defined shapes and lines on the walls and bed headboard, as well as flower vases and bookshelves. It also boasts of broad windows through which sunrays can penetrate your room every morning to wake you up!

When Wood is Good: Wood as the Main Element

Another popular trend in interior design is to have wooden walls and floors in the rooms. If opting for this unique style, you could complement it with some bright-coloured props like lampshades or flower vases and a plain-coloured bed.


The living room is the chamber one retreat to at the end of the day to seek comfort, refreshment and peace. And the best luxury bedroom designs help one to feel at ease and let go of all worries for the time being.

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