9 Superior Flooring Options for Homes

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While you are planning to have a complete remodeling of your home to give it the most sequel and serene look, updating the floors is an important consideration for you to undertake.

You also need to have a pretty fair idea of the type of floorings you can choose from say suppose while you are searching for polished concrete Maryland for your concrete floorings.

The ability to install green flooring has now become more practical with a variety of different options in the market. Several new materials have been developed that are friendlier to the environment. Plus, it has also become more comfortable to use materials that have been left under-appreciated.

Quartz Tile Flooring

The Quartz tile flooring would make up the best choice as they have the capability to reflect the lights mesmerizing the space where you have them installed and they appear to be the most spectacular and a great choice.

For every area and every inch of your home, these tiles make up the best choice for kitchens as well as living areas.

These Quartz tiles are even easy to be maintained and are both stain and scratch-resistant. If you looking to search for flooring styles then the quartz tile floor makes up the best choice.

Porcelain Tile Flooring

Porcelain is usually well-known for its strength as well as its longevity. For the living room, kitchen as well as dining areas, they make the best choice ever. It provides you with the most contemporary looks when it comes to the larger type of white floor kitchen tiles.

They can be laid down and easily install and this forms the best advantage of reducing both time consumption and expenditure. They are usually available in different sizes, finish as well as the style and color options bear great quality slip ratings.

Natural Stone Tiles

These tiles have won rapid popularity among the masses. They are usually very durable and make up the most practical choice for every room out there providing natural textures as they come up in different sizes and shapes.

These tiles are now available in several different colors as well as tones including their own contemporary style providing you with a room that gives you enough warmth.

Wood Flooring

This type of flooring choice has been there for several years. These floorings usually provide the most natural look. They significantly add in a lot of sophistication as well as invite in enough warmth to the home through these floorings requiring a lot of maintenance.

For cleaning these floorings it is noteworthy that you avoid acidic and abrasive cleaners as the surface is easily damaged with the use of these. There are homes that tend to avoid such disasters with the help of carpets covering the surface of the floors.

Wood Flooring


Bamboo is the most popular of the green flooring options to install in the home. A bamboo floor can be just as hard-wearing and durable as maple and oak, and significantly more resilient to scratches and marks than pine. Plus, it has a highly appealing and quite distinct look.

A great reason to use bamboo flooring is the ability to harvest the trees every 5-6 years, which is significantly different from traditional trees, which can take up to 100 years before being ready to harvest.


Cork hasn’t been utilized as much as its potential when looking at the building materials. Cork floors are starting to slowly increase in popularity, which is mainly for the eco-friendly nature of this type of content. 

This material is taken from the cork tree’s regenerative bark, which means the actual tree is left to grow and reproduce more of its cork material naturally. Plus, the flooring manufactured in cork is an insulated and hypoallergenic material

Hardwood (Sustainably Harvested)

It is possible to sustainably harvest hardwood trees by managing the forest in a way that benefits the spiritual, cultural, ecological, economic, and social needs of the local environment. Any of the wood that is sourced using sustainable techniques will receive.

Forest Stewardship Council (FCS) stamp. By choosing to purchase the flooring with an FCS stamp, you are getting the wood that is sourced using the most socially and eco-friendly methods possible.

Reclaimed Lumber

An utterly green option to source wood for flooring or building projects is to go the reclaimed lumber route. This is the simple process of recovering lumber from old structures (warehouses, barns, factory buildings, etc.) that are no longer in use.

Resurface Existing Flooring

For those with old flooring already installed in the home, the green thing to do would be to invest the time and effort into sanding and refinishing the existing wooden floorboards.

A similar process of repair and replacement can be completed with laminate and carpet damage. The residential concrete contractors in Maryland can help you with the installation of such floorings.

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