Basement to Bedroom: 6-Step Transformation

Basement Bedroom

Basements are usually overlooked spaces in a house. They are your go-to places when you need to store your old junk or Christmas decorations after the holidays. However, you can transform your basement and make it a more livable area in your house.

If you convert your basement to a bedroom, it can give you more space to allow you to accommodate more children and grandchildren. It will also add value to your home. Lastly, it can help you earn a little income. Online platforms like Airbnb allow you to rent out rooms in your home to make a profit.

Things to Keep in Mind when Redecorating Your Basement

If you want to convert your creepy, old basement into an additional living room, you must keep in mind the following:

Beware of Floods

Usually, basements are prone to floods. Depending on where you live and the typical weather, flooding can be an issue. Take measures to avoid water by upgrading your sump pump and ensuring that the ground outside your basement is not sloping down towards it to prevent rain and snow runoff. You can use a concrete sealer to coat the walls and floor of the basement.

Set up Safety Features

Make sure to install a fire alarm and put a fire extinguisher in the room somewhere. Basements usually don’t have windows so these extra precautions can be necessary in case of a fire.

Get a Dehumidifier

This little machine runs throughout the day to get rid of moisture in the air. It will help keep the temperature consistent and aid in removing any smells from the air. A dehumidifier is quite easy to use.

Choose a Comfortable Design

A couple selecting a home design

While the bedroom may technically be in a basement, it doesn’t have to feel or looks like a basement. Have fun choosing a comfortable design to find a pleasant place for someone to live and sleep. It is a whole new room in your house, so get your creativity flowing.

Keep the Place Warm

This is especially important for those who live in areas where the winters are freezing. Heating a basement can be difficult, but investing in space heaters could really help out during winters. You can make sure the insulation is up to date and that all windows, if any, are working efficiently to keep out any drafts.

Make use of the Existing Architecture

Sometimes, the unique architecture of a basement can add to the look once you turn it into a bedroom. Use your creativity and see how you can play with the architecture in your basement. You can change the paint or add some large personalized family name signs to liven up your walls.


Transforming your basement into a beautiful bedroom is possible. You just need to be creative and careful in considering the items that you will use. Your basement doesn’t have to be unutilized or storage of junk. It can add beauty to your home and comfort to the person who stays in your transformed bedroom.

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