5 Things you Need to know Before you Purchase your First Astro Turf

Man folding Astro Turf

If you’ve ever had to put up with a patch of lawn that is dirty and not that pretty, you’ll know that Astor turf will give your garden a stunning look that you’d not have thought possible. Artificial grass carpet Dubai makes the entire look of your home and garden complete, from the ground up. You can’t help but be impressed by it.

Whether you want to install Astor turf for your home or garden, you should know some important facts before you take the plunge. The following are the top four things you need to know before purchasing your first turf.

Fake grass does not require as much maintenance as real grass. You should plan on mowing the lawn about once every three to four months. This is a little less frequent than you would have to mow real grass, but it’s not too much more than you would have to do. What you should do is use a variety of tools such as weed whackers, push mowers, and hoes to cut those pesky weeds.

Many people prefer Artificial Turf to real grass because of the fact that it appears to be dirt when it is in fact completely natural. Some landscapers use this to help get a better look at the appearance of the fake grass, but the benefit is obvious when you see how well it actually performs.

Not only does fake grass looks great, but it’s also easier to clean. In fact, it doesn’t require the water, fertilizer, or mulch of real grass. What’s more, it’s a lot easier to keep.

The key to any type of astroturf is how easy it is to keep. You can install it yourself, it’s very easy to take down and move, and the maintenance is light.

Folded Astro Turf place on ground

One drawback to Artificial Turf is that it gets saturated with water much faster than real grass. If your lawn is large, then you’ll need to be prepared to wait a while before it is fully watered again.

The durability of your turf depends on its density and durable quality. Artificial grass is made up of fibers that are individually stacked on a sheet of mat that is reinforced.

When it comes to your lawn, it’s like having a highly durable material mixed with the least porous materials that are available. The fibers of the astroturf are set up in rows, so they’re reinforced on the outside and inside.

The two most common treatments for grass are the normal scrub and the constant tension treatment. These two treatment methods make sure that the fibers don’t come apart easily, and they also keep the blades in place.

Regularly replacing the blades is very important in order to avoid rotting and to maintain the quality of the turf. If you’ve been using astroturf for a while, then you’ll probably be able to tell right away if you’ve had blade rot, but if you’ve never had to replace them before, then you may have trouble identifying what to look for.

One thing that people don’t consider when they are installing Fake grass is the look of their homes. If you have one of those artificially created lawns in your garden, you won’t have to go through all the trouble of creating one that’s attractive in your home.

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