Ways to Make Your Home Burglar Proof



Obtain a state-of-the-art access control system to protect your home from trespassers and burglars. From no-cost checking of the current state of the door to low-cost home security set up and highly-valuable home automation.

Here are some of the ways you can burglar-proof your home. You should implement these measures to ensure that your home is protected. There are a lot of individuals who wish to enter your property to steal or commit other crimes. 

Check the Current State of the Front Door

Apart from checking the hinges of the door, replacing the strike plate, and checking the frame of the door if it fits tightly, there are other couples of things that you must also do to ensure your doors are burglar-proof. 

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  • Place a bar in between sliding glass doors

Glass doors are common entry points for burglars because they typically have ineffective locking mechanisms. If you have a sliding glass door that leads to an outdoor garden or backyard, add more locks that vertically bolt into the top frame and floor. 

  • Install security films on glass panes

Doors with glass panes might appear aesthetically pleasing, yet if you wish to turn your home burglar-proof, the idea may not be very well-fitting. With that, you can consider installing a security film over the panes. 

  • Replace strike plate

A metallic strike plate is located inside the door into which a deadbolt or door latch is inserted when being locked. The strike plate is usually the part of the door that breaks first when the door is forcefully kicked. This is especially true if the door is already old and subjected to damp weather. 


Consider Using Smart Locks with No Keys to Lose

Smart locks use a keypad, finger scan, or mobile device. With a simple tap of a registered finger on the screen or input of the number character password, the door automatically unlocks from within.

With this, you will not have to bring house keys and risk losing them. While smart locks sound very promising, there are a couple of things you should take notes of. First and foremost, smart locks can be quite expensive.

Yet, it can tremendously enhance the security of your house. Second is the risk of leaving thumb marks that burglars may be able to decipher and get the correct password by chance. Lastly, they might watch your every move. You can never tell when you are being surveillance from afar. 


Put Lighting in Dark Exterior Corners of the House

If your house is surrounded by dense bushes or shrubs, there is a huge chance that burglars will use it as a spot to hide. Trimming down tall plants may help you deter deviant people from entering your property.

If trimming your plants is not an option, consider motion-sensing outdoor lights to spot hidden burglars. These motion-sensing outdoor lights automatically and brightly turn on when they detect body heat and movement. Motion-sensing lights can be set up or mounted anywhere in the house, especially near doorways. 

There are two types of motion-sensing lights: hardwired and battery-powered or solar-powered. While being battery-powered does not require any connection and drilling holes in the wall, having to change batteries now and then is necessary to ensure the lighting is working. 


Setup Home Security Cameras Indoors and Outdoors

Homes security cameras not only present a solution for deterring crime and trespass but also a means to obtain proof for justice. For instance, all the burglar-proof equipment you installed in the house did not work, there is a high chance of catching the burglar because of the CCTV. For a better result choose a comprehensive home security system.  Instead of a camera that is only connected to a mobile device. 

Apart from that, install an outdoor home security camera as well on the corners of the house. Often, homeowners would install cameras on top of or near motion-sensing lights. This set-up allows the camera to capture an image or video of the person walking by as the motion-sensing light senses movement. 


Use Home Automation

Turn your house into a smart home with a home automation system. This allows you to schedule the switching on and off of lights, command door locks, change security cameras directional view, trigger smoke alarms, and other devices.

A home automation system also allows you to obtain real-time alerts about suspicious activities within and outside of the house. Get an instant video feed of the moment somebody walks up through your driveway. Finally, cancel smoke or CO2 false alarms from your mobile device. 


Key Takeaway

There are plenty of highly efficient access control systems in Dubai that you must consider obtaining to burglar-proof your home. Protect your property, protect your family.

These innovative pieces of security equipment should give you peace of mind that while you’re not home your property is safe. Conversely, you will have the opportunity to fall into a deep slumber without having to worry about intruders trespassing on your property. 

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