Hollywood Brides who Inspired a New Wedding Fashion


A series of high profile weddings have given us fashion goals for this wedding season and more. If you are planning for your own Indian style wedding or that for a friend or sister, it may not be a bad idea to pick up some totally doable cues from the most famous Bollywood Brides who went international and gave fans in Australia as well.

5 Looks from the Most Popular Celebrity Weddings

  • The Beautiful Floral Crown Look

Do away with heavy embellishments and wedding  Men  band  rings jewellery that weighs you down. Floral is a fun affair with plenty of laughter in the air that mingles with the fragrance of fresh flowers. Since it is a daily affair, the modern-day bride could go for a floral, light and contemporary gown. The colours would remind you of spring and the styling would be totally issue free with plenty of flowers and sparkly designer earrings. Everyone loved how many celebrities have also taken up the floral bride look,  matching with perfect wedding band ring and who is in complete control and enjoys every minute of her most cherished event.

  • Red is a New Start from White

After several seasons of experimenting with unusual colours and opting for unconventional looks for all other social events, the red bride is back to the colour that defines her in so many ways. Red, in all its festive, passionate, joyous glorious avatars is here to rule and how gorgeous it makes a scenario is out of question. It has been several times that the regular white has been ditched and the red has been adorned, our favourite stylists have reminded us that you cannot go wrong with a classic. After all, there is no way you can beat red when paired with gold traditional jewellery!

  • Simple Sleek Gowns for an Aesthetic Look

There is something so comforting and so intrinsically stylish about a perfectly body hugging gown on your wedding day that you cannot go wrong with it. Blake Lively all-whitegown for her famous wedding, the stair touching gowns of met gala or Kim Kardashian’s sleekgown for her reception have given us plenty to think about while planning for trousseau shopping. Besides, a beautiful gown always makes for a perfect photo opposite with the groom who is dressed in perfectly structured black or any coloured tuxedo.

  • Vintage Jewellery for a Vintage Look

It may be a good idea to raid that trunk with Grandmother’s jewellery. Going by the current trend, classic, vintage style imitation jewellery is here to roost.  The discussion is about the traditionallockets with picture frames within, chokers of lace or pearls, floral lockets, pearl necklaces, and oversized diamond chokersand earrings in diamond, silver and cluster pearl detailing.

  • An Edgy Modern Look

What is a wedding without an evening of pure fun when you can keep all the traditional stuff aside and dress as you please? Whether it is Lady Gaga’s red carpet looks in a meat gown and flowers in her hair or Katy Perry in a truly unconventional grey white chevron striped gown by Armani, our girls show us how to bend a few rules and set your own fashion goals. even mens today has heart and wide choice for rings  for wedding