History and The Evolution Of Sports


Sports betting has existed in the world, along with the birth of the sport itself. Humans make the sport as one of the entertainment, and with the betting involved, the entertainment becomes more interesting.

The origin of Sports

According to historical records, ancient Greece has begun sports betting as early as they introduce its Olympic events to the world. This then spread to ancient Rome, with its worldwide-known gladiator games. Romans’ governments even legalize their people to place their bet on the Gladiator. They favored and put taxes on the transaction. When the gladiator games eventually stopped, the betting survived and spread to many other kingdoms across Europe.

In the middle Ages, many religious leaders issued regulations that prohibited betting and gambling. But that doesn’t eliminate them. It makes betting and gambling grow even more in the underground world.

As sports activities and sports events increase in the world, the world of sports betting also develops. When Britain began to introduce horse racing, sports betting became very popular in the United Kingdom and eventually spread all around the world. And as many settlers from Europe arrived in America, the sport also grows and quickly became a favorite event for settlers to watch and place a bet.

In this modern time, so many new sports events were born. From the amateurs soccer matches to the worldwide-know professional soccer league, from the American National Football League to the National Basketball League, there are various sports events that we can bet on.

Sports betting now:

With the legality gained by Las Vegas for organizing sports betting, its popularity is increasing vastly in America. But according to the data, sports betting transactions in Las Vegas are only a small number compared to the total transactions in the world, despite that the total transaction in Vegas is said to be billions of dollars every year. In America alone, most sports betting is carried out by local bookies which spread throughout America. Most of the bookies are operating illegally, but not much law enforcement has done it to them, or you can say that the law enforcer ignores them.

Outside America, most local bookies are also operating illegally, as in most countries, sports betting and general gambling are prohibited. But they have their own strategy to avoid the law. Most of them located in a place which is hard. Or even impossible for local law enforcers to prosecute them. With this, they keep serving bet to people all around the world.

In this era, there are many alternative ways to gamble or place a bet, for example, through mobile betting using the phone call, using your computer and internet, and also online betting using your Smartphone. Now you can bet without having to come to the bookies, or go out to see sports events directly. Now you can place a bet with the comfort of your home or even on your couch or bed. With online betting, not only sports events that we can place bets, but many bookies also open bets for political events (such as elections), television shows, and also Esport events. With online betting, you can also see the betting lines change, and this means you can find the best betting opportunities as the event unfolds, especially when betting on live sporting events. With this online bet, we can also see the betting lines change, so you can find the best betting chances and opportunity as the event unfolds, especially when you place bet on live events.

With more and more sporting events born in the world, sports betting will become more popular and increasingly growing.

The most favorite and popular sports in place bet are Football (or known as Soccer in some countries). This football sport usually has thousands of games every year. And the transaction amount of betting on football games are billions of dollar every year.

The other popular sports are basketball, hockey, baseball, and classic horse racing. But many people also place bet on other sports like badminton, car racing, and most of the Olympic sports.

Currently, in some countries, there are also many attempts to legalize sports betting and put a tax on the betting transaction. Many people said that it’s only a matter of “when” for sports betting, and other general gambling, to be formally legal.

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