Hiring made smart and easier with Aptitude Tests

aptitude test
aptitude test

It often lingers on the minds of the recruiters about which would be the best possible equipment for hiring an employee. Hiring an employee requires several tiring steps of recruitment and selection. The applicant is rigorously tested and segregated at each level from their fellow applicants. The skill and the intelligence of the applicant being hired is of sole importance to the organization since the future of the latter depends hugely on it.  

Importance of Aptitude Tests in Organizations

Why is it so that nowadays aptitude tests are a must before hiring an employee? The answer would be that aptitude tests are a measure of the intellectual ability of a human being. This obviously means that a higher score of a person in an aptitude test would clearly indicate the fact that, he is definitely superior to other fellow members in grasping the essentials of what he learns in training or on his job. Hence it has become increasingly necessary nowadays to conduct an aptitude test before hiring. Aptitude test reveals a person’s mental abilities. With the help of different kinds of aptitude tests discovered and administered, we can correctly assess both general as well as specific mental abilities of human beings. 

The industries are generally concerned about assessing accurately the general cognitive abilities of the applicants. General mental abilities are what is required in most of our daily life activities and higher the score in this, higher will be the persons Intelligence and adaptability. It is expected of such a person to be more alert, more enthusiastic to perform several activities on his job in somewhat better way than his fellow colleagues. Overall the G factor encompasses the general mental abilities that vary from person to person, and can be quantitatively measured by an aptitude test. 

As far as the general aptitude is concerned, it checks how competent a person is in terms of the ability to take in new information, and process them to function according to the needs of the organization. Thus it measures, basically the innate abilities of the person and not the skills acquired from various fields of learning and training. In industries however the general aptitude test is specially designed to measure the aptitude required for the specific kind of job that the employee is wanted to perform. The results of the test determine how compatible an applicant is for the job position he is seeking. 

Grossly enough an aptitude test measures the reasoning skills of the person in terms of the verbal and numerical ability, since these are required for almost every kind of job post. Few additional abilities like the data analysis ability is also measured in case of clerical posts and others. Hence aptitude tests are specifically designed to meet the needs of the organization; specific to job function. Some basic levels of the test are given to the persons applying for clerical or administrative job roles and advanced levels of tests are administered to people seeking strategic or leadership roles in an organization.