Highly Successful DJs: Let’s Unveil Their Secrets!


For most novice DJs, becoming a successful DJ is part of their goals. However, what is the secrets of seasoned DJs that made them enjoy the success they have right now? 

Who would not love good music? And, as a DJ, you have the power to create and share that kind of music with everyone. Then, to keep you do what you are passionate about, become successful, and last in the industry, you need to learn the essential points to ensure that you are on the right track.

For sure, you are also curious about how did successful DJs made it in the industry. So, to end your curiosity and help you improve your approaches in DJing, let us now unveil the secrets of highly successful DJs.

Avoid Being Too Much of a Hurry

Before DJs became highly successful, there were once a fan of music. Behind their success is music-loving and great mix-swapping, crate-digging, and clubbing. So, avoid yourself from being in a rush. Whilst you are developing your DJ skills, make sure you are also improving your taste of music.

No matter how excited you are in rocking behind the deck, do not put everything in a hurry. Remember, successful DJs are not born; they are being made. You will never be a music expert and successful overnight. So, the best thing you can do is to enjoy the music and flow while paving your way to a fantastic career break.

Acquire Some DJing Experience

Highly successful DJs are known for their years of practicing spent and developing of skills for long periods. So, if your goal to be one of them, you need to go out and acquire some experience. 

If you cannot get some gigs, then be inventive. You can volunteer in helping other DJs or club owners. You can help in decorating the night club or setting up the gear. You can also perform the hour-warm-up before the opening hours of the club or even do flyering. These things might be very simple, but they can be your stepping stones. Keep in mind that part of becoming successful is learning the basics while being resourceful. 

Take Time to Build A Music Library

Did you know that the foundation of your career is getting great music? Successful DJs have spent a lot of time in slowly building their music collections that can leave a great impact to their audience.

Yes, it might take you time gathering quality music, but you have to remember that it is an essential part of your career growth. Once you polish your music collection, you can already display your uniqueness and give each type of music they will love to hear. To ensure that you will have an extensive music library, you can include songs of different eras, genres, and countries.

Hard Work Pays More

In this industry, hard work will always pay more dividends compared to natural talent. This is where you need to put extra time and effort in mastering your skills and getting valuable experiences. You have to commit yourself to every aspect and work hard. If you fail to give your best shots, somebody else will harvest the spot you are desiring and working at.

Like any career, those who strive best efforts and work hard as if that is their last chance always stand out and become extra mile away from others who play safe. Always remind yourself that nobody is indispensable, so never take things for granted. If you want a bigger stage, then you need to work harder and never expect that you will become a superstar overnight.

Be the Professional and Reliable One

No night club owners, promoters, or event organizers will work with unprofessional and unreliable DJs. As the first impression really matters, you need to sound and look reliable and act professionally.

You need to be well-dressed, attentive to details and show enthusiasm. That way, people can easily recognize that you are the who is in charge of the party and tonight’s fun. The way you look and appearance is a significant part of showing your professionalism. Not only that, make sure to always be on time or even a few minutes earlier and arrive with full gear. That is to show that you are highly reliable and you are always prepared no matter what the table would bring. Once you proved that you are professional and dependable, more promoters will likely to book your services.

Never Mind Your Age!

In DJing, there’s never too old or too young to create and give beautiful music. However, some people assume that age is equivalent to a vast tune collection. But you just need to keep up and never mind your age.

The more important thing than your age is how to make yourself relevant. Getting yourself connected with your audience will help in letting them connect with you. Then, you need to stay enthusiastic and connected because age is simply a number. And you have something more to offer.

Relax and Recharge

Yes, it is essential to keep your passion and work hard, but you also need to make sure that you still have time for your family and for yourself. Despite pouring yourself to your DJing goals, you need to have time to rejuvenate, rest, and do things outside your work. Once you feel you are burning out too much, set a time to enjoy and have some fun. 

Take Time to Unwind After Gigs

All play but without rest? You may need to put a lot of time and effort in Djing, but there’s no point in depending on your life on it. You still have an experience outside DJing. Always find a way to unwind after your gigs. You can do some exercises like running a few times a week so that you can throw all your stress in the body. This will also help you properly prepare yourself to sleep since Djing is an adrenaline thing.

Keep Nerves in Check

All DJs can get cold feet during live performances, more especially if you are a beginner. So, you need to master in hiding it as much as you can. After all, your audience only cares about the music, so you need to act the way you should and do not let your nervous feeling overpower your performance. In fact, feeling nervous while performing is what keeps experiences DJs on their toes.

Be Confident About Your Skills and Yourself

While you are gaining more skills and experiences, you also need to gain more confidence, not just about your abilities, but more importantly, about yourself. All your acquired development and amazing skills are nothing if you do not believe in yourself. Always dare to dream and see to it that you know where you want to be. Trust in yourself, and do your best, but never forget to have fun and enjoy the entire ride.

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