How Technology Produces High-quality Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

High-quality Kitchen Glass splashbacks

In this digital era, technology has overpowered many areas of our work and home as well. When it comes to kitchens, there are so many technologically-advanced worktops and splashbacks to offer you the best possibilities within your cooking space. 

High-quality Kitchen Glass splashbacks are the most advanced kitchen material available in the market. Since glass splashbacks are installed behind the kitchen worktops to prevent the adjoining wall from cooking spills or food stains, these surfaces got to be very strong to bear the impact of heat and sudden spills. 

How glass splashbacks are made?

Kitchen glass splashbacks are made from float glass and processed by the premium technology in various designs. Its surface is toughened under extremely high temperature and pressure conditions within the manufacturing unit. That’s the reason it can withstand high temperatures.  

The toughened glass splashbacks are five times stronger and durable than a laminated glass of the same thickness and size. These kitchen splashbacks can also be printed in any high-resolution digital picture, texture, or pattern. The fabricators use advanced ink-jet printing technology to create a high-resolution image onto glass, using a cutting-edge glass printer.

Generally, the glass splashback is hardened as per Australian Standard AS2208. For its creation, the safety glazing materials that are used in buildings are cut-out and molded under high temperatures to create solid splashbacks to install behind a heat source, such as a cooking stove. 

All these technological advances also make glass splashbacks ideal for areas near hot water or where you keep your appliances. It is even heatproof, so you don’t have to worry about putting a hot pan on its surface. 

Choosing the Right Glass Splashback:

You can choose from a wide range of glass splashbacks. Here are some of the best high-tech glass splashbacks to install in your tech-savvy apartment or home.

Glass Splashbacks

The basic white glass splashback can be used to add a minimalist contrast to the bright kitchen countertop. These can also be used in commercial buildings in elevators, lobbies, etc. 

Printed Glass Splashbacks 

If you want to add a personalized touch to your cooking space, you need high-tech, ink-jet printed glass splashbacks that come in a wide range of colors. This means you can get it in any design of your choice. You can choose an image or ask your fabricator to print the high-resolution image for your glass splashback. 

Be it rainforest theme or endless summery patterns, you can get this variety in any design that you like. You can even add a fun splashback containing fresh fruits and veggies.

Moreover, it is prepared with UV-glass printing technology. This splashback can also be installed onto your outdoor kitchen countertops, as it won’t be affected by harsh sun rays. 

Designer Range 

Want to add a luxurious touch to your cooking area? If so, you need to check out the complete designer glass splashback colors range. The designer range is created with two colors via two-step vinyl processing for adding warmth and depth to your kitchen. 

Not just kitchens, this high-end designer range can also be installed in any area of your house – be it a bedroom, office or bathroom – to create an inviting space. It can also be installed in lobby entrances, lift walls, boardroom walls, etc. to ensure that clients feel welcomed and happy as soon as they enter the premises. 

Mirror Glass Splashbacks

A reflective mirror glass splashback is perfect for opening a small kitchen space. Due to its reflective and high-tech toughened surface, this splashback is ideal for creating an optical illusion of a larger kitchen. 

All the mirror splashbacks are made at the manufacturing site using advanced technologies. These are also measured and customized at the site and then transported to the client’s place for easy installation. 

Some high-quality toughened mirrored splashbacks offer a minimum seven-year warranty against peeling, fading, bubbling, or any faulty installation or craftsmanship. So, you can incorporate it into your house without worrying about any damages to the surface. In case anything goes wrong, your damages will be covered. 

Reasons to install tech-savvy glass splashbacks

  • Easy to clean

No material can remain spotless for long. But with glass splashbacks, you don’t need to put in many efforts for cleaning it. All you need is a glass cleaner and soft cloth to make it sparkle again. Unlike tiles, there are no edges for cleaning on glass splashbacks. This way cleaning particles or liquid spills become easier when it comes to advanced glass splashback surfaces. 

  • Improves visual interest

Glass splashbacks are perfect for improving one’s visual interest while adding a stylish upgrade to the kitchen. With a glass splashback, you can easily achieve the luxury kitchen interior that seems to be coming straight out of a magazine. 

  • Easy to alter

Whether you have a completely white kitchen or a cooking space decked up with bright hues, you can easily alter it using your glass splashback as per the interior decor or theme.