Here’s What You Should be Doing Amidst the CoronaVirus Lock down


If there is something which everyone is talking about, it’s the novel coronavirus, which is also known as Covid-19. This virus affects everyone just like the flu, along with damaging the lung lesions, it makes a person difficult to breathe. It can affect almost everyone, especially people who are old or have their immune system compromised. The virus has spread to 500,000+ people so far, and the number is continuing to increase. WHO (World Health Organization) declared this virus as a pandemic and has passed on a certain set of precautionary things to follow.

Coronavirus has disrupted economies and heightened tensions across the world, causing a gap in everyone’s modern lifestyle. One of the ways to flatten the curve and control the spread of the virus is to practice social distancing and self-quarantine. Countries like India, Japan, South Korea, China, and the United States have enforced stricter laws in completely locking down the country/state with only essential services running. Closed offices, schools, play areas, and other common areas make the routine go for a toss. 

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In such stressful times, here are a few things you can do to maintain normalcy through the day and get through this phase: 

  1. Create a New Routine: It is one of the excellent ways of creating normalcy, not just for you but for the entire family. Wake up, have coffee, and get ready, just like how you usually do. You will be surprised about how a little makeup or a fresh outfit other than your pajamas can make a difference. If you have kids, plan their day as well. Create a school like a routine with a balance of playing, learning, and screen time. It will help them in keeping engaged.
  2. Get Moving: For many going to the gym is a big part of their day. And, even if you are not a big fan of exercise, moving your body and pushing those endorphins can help you mentally. There are many free home work out videos in streaming platforms for all stages. All you have to do is, pick one. You can also challenge your fellow family members through smartwatches and motivate them. 
  3. Make Wise Use of Technology: In this tough time, it is challenging not to keep scrolling about the negative news about the coronavirus. Instead, limit your time reading the news. Mute the notifications to avoid temptations. Rather facetime with your loved ones, which will make them happy, and you will feel less lonely. Take time to work on the resume/blog you want, learn a new language, listen to audiobooks, and challenge your friends with games app. Companies like Netflix and Amazon have stepped up their game. For example, Amazon now provides free audible books. Netflix has come up with something called Netflix Party, which will allow you and your friends to watch a movie at the same time. These are some good ways to use technology. 
  4. Brush Up Your Cooking Skills: Although in most places, the takeaway services are still active, it safer to have homecooked meals. With kids and the whole family under the roof and limited groceries, it can get overwhelming. Go back to basics, make large meals and freeze them, and make something you always wanted to. It will keep you occupied as well as stress-free. 
  5. Deep Cleaning: Have you always put off cleaning because you did not have enough time? Then, this is your time. Put on some music and tackle it one area at a time. It might not get over at once, but over the days you can track the progress you made. And, a lot of therapists have agreed that cleaning is a great way to handle stressful situations and an instant mood lifter. 
  6. Take Up a Hobby: If you have been postponing to read a book, then pick it up right now. If your instrument is collecting dust, then it is time to take it up and start practicing. You can also do a lot of DIY projects, gardening, or even sewing.

Last but not least, learn to relax and let go of things that you cannot control. If it helps, try doing meditation. There are a lot of apps that have controlled breathing techniques and send you a constant reminder. Try to practice social distancing, stock up on essentials, wash your hands frequently, and maintain a high level of hygiene. And remember this will end, and things would get better. Try and take one day at a time, and be kind to each other.

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