Here are the 5 must ask questions to your furniture dealer for office furniture


When you have set up your own office you also have to install your furniture. Now that you have the space and all other things in place the last thing is to put furniture in place and then your business or work is all set to go.

But buying furniture is not an easy job. It is dependent on a lot of minute factors which have to be dealt with carefully to give your furniture a nice look to your office. Like you have to look into the shape of the individual rooms if there are small rooms or the size of the hall room if your space consists of one room only. Where is the entrance and where would you like to place the furniture and the desks so that it looks good and does not hinder general movement in the office. For the different types of furniture for offices, you can take further references from

Things that have to be planned before approaching a furniture dealer

Sometimes the work associated with each desk or table is different. So the tables and the desks have to be bought in such a manner so that it can accompany the workstations and other files and folders. Other things like proper seating arrangements for your clients are also important at your office. While building furniture there should be room for further tables and desks to be installed when your business becomes big in the future. For different types of furniture, you can

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Why is the role of the furniture dealer important?

Furniture costs are rising each day. To furnish your office with desks, tables and chairs is not a minor expense. Also once done it cannot be changed. So it is very important to make sure that you clearly state the requirements and the demands of your furniture when you are speaking to a dealer.

You have to communicate certain things and know some of the things from the dealer before handing over the job to them. A good furniture manufacturing Alltek Industries Melbourne company will note down all the important objectives to be met like time deadlines, design, and material to be used. Also, they will give you advice on how you can improve the furniture longevity and ensure that the budget stays within your grasp. You can look for online furniture dealers like

Here are some of the important points that you should ask your furniture manufacturer-

What is the budget for manufacturing?

The cost of so many tables and chairs is not a small expense. If you do not make proper planning on this you might easily overshoot your budget. For having ideas take reference from Careful planning is required. So the first thing to ask is about the price of all the furniture that is to be manufactured.

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What about the timings?

As you have taken an office you have to start the work as soon as possible. So do ask about the expected date as to when the manufacturing and the installation of all the furniture would be completed?

Is the manufacturing and designing to be done in-house or in the factory?

This is one of the major factors. If you have to do some renovation activity or install some new furniture then the manufacturing should be conducted at the factory or else it would be difficult for normal office work. You can take online references ideas from Even when your office is new and you are ordering furniture for the first time then you should ask this question to the dealer. In-house manufacturing will make the sawdust-covered all over the floor which needs to be cleaned properly after the work is done.

Will the installation be also done or is it chargeable separately?

The installation of so many chairs and tables is not an easy job and is preferable if the furniture dealer does it. But then be sure to ask whether this is included within the cost or is it chargeable separately.

Have they undertaken such jobs before?

Be sure to know whether the furniture dealer has taken up such corporate jobs before. If yes ask them about showing the testimonials and the reviews of their clients. This is very important as it will give you an idea about the experience of the dealer and whether they can do the job perfectly.

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