Heavy Duty Electric Rolling Shutters for your warehouse or factory

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A roller shutter is made of steel stages that are threaded together and create a smooth and decorative screen. The shutter rolls on a thick-walled steel shaft in a quiet and smooth manner. The roller shutter is suitable for closing industrial buildings, logistics centers, warehouses, factories, hangars and the like. The shutter is adapted to the needs of the building, such as maintaining temperature and energy in air-conditioned areas.

Many industrial plants and businesses with large openings such as garages, retail chains and stores – all of these and more need effective and easy-to-operate protection and shading solutions. Industrial roller shutter is made of steel stages, the stages are threaded together on a thick steel axis. Industrial roller shutters are suitable for closing the large openings in various industrial buildings, logistics centers, warehouses, factories and more.

It is important to order the shutter for industry only from long-standing and leading rolling shutter manufacturers in Chennai in its field, the shutter must be manufactured according to the required standards, from durable and quality materials and in a spectacular design for business branding and aesthetic integration of the shutter in front of the building.

A roller shutter is adapted to create a buffer that constitutes a barrier beyond the means of transportation and prevents the passage of pedestrians, and is mainly suitable for blocking passages that require constant ventilation. The rolled grille shutter is made of galvanized steel pipes and does not interfere with the field of view. A rolling grille shutter cannot be painted in the oven at all.

These massive shutters will protect the business from theft, form a good insulation layer from the street and provide a good security mechanism for the business.

Electric roller shutter adapted to the needs of the building

It is worth noting that for stores, offices and various businesses, companies usually offer aluminum roller shutters according to the dimensions of the openings in the business, for example shutters for shop windows or showroom windows. In industrial buildings it is not possible to settle for an aluminum roller shutter, so the leading manufacturers offer an advanced solution called an industrial roller shutter.

Industrial roller shutter is massive, strong and very durable. It is possible to produce a shutter with galvanized steel stages, the strong stages are threaded one on top of the other to create a kind of durable safety net that is very difficult to breakthrough. It is an effective and efficient protection solution against burglary attempts at a factory, logistics center, warehouse and any other industrial or commercial structure.

Technical specifications of industrial roller shutter

When ordering metal roller shutters exact measurements of the building openings should be taken, some companies require the customer to prepare the opening in its entirety before installation, i.e. build a crate, and prepare the electrical infrastructure according to detailed instructions. A professional company for the production of industrial roller shutters offers better service since an experienced team performs installation at the customer’s home and takes care of a good finish.