Healthy Home Improvements – 5 Appliance Upgrades That Can Improve Your Health


How much time have you spent in your home over the last three months? For most of us, the answer is A LOT. Since the coronavirus outbreak, we are working at home, exercising at home, homeschooling, and socializing only within our own four walls. With so much time inside the house, have you thought about what you can do to create a healthy home environment? We have put together a list of five appliances that will help keep your family healthy.

Induction Cooktops

Most of us are in the habit of using oil to coat our frypan each time we cook. However, there are a few reasons why this is a good habit to break. Firstly, heating oil can release carcinogenic properties and free radicals in your food. Secondly, by removing it, you can reduce unnecessary fat in your diet. 

With an induction cooktop and induction compatible cookware, you need very little oil. In fact, you can often cook with no oil at all. Another secondary benefit is that you won’t burn yourself on an induction cooktop because it doesn’t get hot, making it safer for both you and your children.

Air Fryers 

Another way to improve your diet while still enjoying the foods you love is to invest in an air fryer. Instead of cooking in oil to create a delicious crispy layer of goodness, an air fryer circulates hot air around the food using a mechanical fan. The result is a beautiful golden brown crunchy exterior with a significantly lower fat content. They are quite versatile, and you can not only use them to prepare traditional fried foods like chips and fried chicken but also to quickly bake a few cookies or cook a piece of fresh salmon.


Excess moisture in the home can lead to a variety of nasties, including mold, mildew, and dust mites. All three can cause allergy problems and respiratory issues. A dehumidifier works by removing humidity and moisture from the air. By doing so, it improves the air quality and minimizes the risk of virus and bacteria growth. A dehumidifier is particularly useful if you have a home with poor air circulation. It’s also perfect for rooms prone to moisture build-up, such as your bathroom or laundry.

Water Purifier

Depending on where you live and where your water supply comes from, the water flowing from your tap can contain parasites, metals, bacteria, chemical pollutants, and more. Chlorine is also commonly added to the public water supply to act as a disinfectant. All of these things can be toxic to your body. Purifying the water in your home can remove these contaminants while also improving the taste. The difference is so huge that you may even find yourself naturally drawn to drink more water once you start using a purifier.

Steam Cleaner

No matter how clean your home is, you can guarantee that you still have dust mites hiding away. Dust mites are microscopic insects that breed prolifically and feed on human and animal skin particles. They cause all kinds of issues for allergy sufferers and are tricky to get rid of around the home. Fortunately, hot temperatures can get rid of these pesky insects. Machine washing fabrics like bedding and clothing at a high temperature will help, but to have a real impact, it is worth investing in a steam cleaner so that you can clean your carpet, couch, and bed properly.

For a relatively small investment, these five appliances will positively impact the long-term health of your family.