How much does Teeth Cleaning Cost?

Woman cleaning her Teeth

It is good to go for dental cleaning regularly on time. The procedure of cleaning is not much expensive as you compare to other dental treatments. However, there can be many different procedures associated with dental cleaning that you need to perform. For a patient, the first thing before treatment that comes to mind is how much the whole process would cost him.

Here we are to answer your question about the total cost. However, it is not that expensive.

Dental cleaning procedure cost is different for children and adults. It depends upon the age. For adults, the teeth cleaning average cost is $100, and the prices would vary according to the whole procedure. Thus the price range is $70 to $250. For children, the average teeth cleaning cost is $80, and the price range is between $50 to $150.

Teeth Cleaning Cost for Adults

You may be strict with your oral hygiene routine, but don’t forget that plaque always makes its area build up. Thus you need to make sure that visit your dentist at least one to two times a year for plaque removal.

If you carry out this procedure of cleaning regularly, then it can save your teeth from expensive treatments and other medical procedures. It is even better to avoid cosmetic treatments that include teeth whitening. Teeth cleaning also does the same method that helps in stain removal. The teeth cleaning procedure takes place above your teeth gums. If you want to clean the below gums, you should consider root planing and scale.

Teeth Cleaning for Children

As discussed above, the average cost for children for the teeth cleaning procedure is $80. For children, it is essential for the removal of calculus, coronal plaque, and stains. The cleaning procedure for children is the same as that of adults, but the only difference is the age factor.

It is affordable to go for teeth cleaning for children. The teeth cleaning in children may also consist of polishing and scaling within the insurance policy. According to some dental clinics, children that are above 14 years are considered to be adults, and thus they charge them accordingly.

Childs teeth cleaning

Associated procedures

Well, tooth cleaning is a procedure that everyone is aware of, but they do not know about deep cleaning. For this, you need to undergo a teeth X-Ray. However, if you still do not want to experience that, some dental hygienists will do all the cleaning procedures, but that does not mean you had a proper cleaning. The different cleaning processes may charge you differently. But you need to undergo such procedures regularly and on time.

These associated cleaning procedures include:

  • Full-mouth debridement
  • Oral evaluation
  • Fluoride Varnish
  • Dental X-rays
  • Gingival irrigation

Is there Insurance for Dental Cleaning?

It all depends upon the cleanings you are undertaking. Two cleanings are there under the insurance policy. Also, dental exams and X-rays can be included in the cleaning insurance policy if you are a new patient. If you want to make more than two cleanings, then visit the insurance provider to discuss your matter. But the provider will not cover the third onward cleaning.

How can you Save Money on Teeth Cleaning?

It is better to go with dental discount plans. If you pay monthly, regular, or yearly fees, then you might get a discount on the cleaning procedure. Even you do not need to undergo any paperwork for that. You can have a cleaning kit at home. It is a better and cheaper way, but you will not qualify as you want. You would need someone to help you out because you cannot look into your mouth.

Something suitable for you is to take the maximum preventive measures. This is not substituted, but still, it can help to save your teeth, but then also, you need professional cleaning one time in a year.

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