Important Tips to Follow when you are Identified with COVID-19


Where Covid-19 is life-threatening for some, many people who get ill due to this can recover at home. Whether the calamity has struck you or you think it might have, it is better to start taking precautionary measures and save the lives of one that matters to you the most. They need your help to save themselves from a direct encounter with this lethal virus.

The Covid-19 medical center in Los Angeles CA is constantly updating people with the most up-to-date information regarding the pattern of attack and the situation of patients. So, better to keep an eye on those updates, so that you can have an idea of how to combat this deadly disease once you are in direct contact with it.

Initial Symptoms you Would Feel

Though the pattern of attacking patients is different from region to region as they say the virus is continuously evolving, most of the patients initially show signs of fever and dry cough. In these hard times, you cannot just dare to ignore these symptoms. However, with a bit of care, you can completely recover at home.

Steps to Follow at Home

Most people who are diagnosed with COVID-19 are advised to stay at home as mild illnesses can be treated at home. Given below are some to follow when you are quarantined right in your home.
Stay Away From Your Family

doctor test on covid 19

Only one member of the family should be allowed to give you food and help you in disinfecting your room daily. To make sure that he or she does not get infected during the process, you both must be wearing masks and gloves. Wearing a PPE would be the best in this scenario. Do not step out of your room until it becomes crucial.

Stay Hydrated

When you are quarantined in your room, you have to take care of yourself on your own. You have to keep your immune system keep functioning to fight this deadly virus and water is the best way to do so. Stay hydrated and keep boosting your immune system.

Stay in Touch with your Doctor

You must be in touch with your doctor by phone or internet. It would be helpful to get some over-the-counter medicines. However, if the symptoms get worse, you can also call for Covid-19 disaster relief in Los Angeles CA, so that you can get emergency help.

What are the Warning Signs

When the virus enters your lungs, it is a warning sign for you. As soon as it enters the lungs of a person, it starts multiplying rapidly making it hard for the patient to breathe. It is a sign that the patient needs to be put on a ventilator. As soon as you feel trouble breathing, persistent pain in the chest, and bluish lips, seek emergency medical help and get yourself admitted to a hospital.

Protect Yourself Now

It would be best to protect your loved ones first as soon as you are diagnosed positive. Follow the instructions and immediately quarantine yourself.

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