4 Types of Braces You should know if you want to have one

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Gone are those days when orthodontic treatments were limited. Now you can choose whatever you want when it comes to dental treatments. Don’t worry if your teeth are not straight after all everybody is not born perfect. You can use dental braces at the right time. It will help to position your teeth. It’s a very easy treatment to improve your dental health. All you need to do is to find a good dentist. That’s all, your teeth will get treated in the best manner and you will have a lovely smile back on your face. Yes, this is true.

Along with dental health, braces bring a proper shape to your face. And you must know how important the role our face plays in our physical appearance. Let us know about the different types of braces. You can choose when you already know about these braces.


It is the best type of braces. If you want something that is not visible then this treatment is for you. Invisalign treatment provides you the invisible braces. There is one more advantage of this type of brace: it is very comfortable. You can easily remove them at any time without any kind of pain. However, these are very expensive. So if you want to have straight teeth, then just go to a good orthodontist and ask for braces.

Metal Braces

Not everybody can afford Invisalign, but there are some other dental treatments as well that you can have. Metal braces are an alternative for this. It is a traditional type of brace. This type of brace consists of two elements. The first one is the metal bracket and another one is a bendable metal wire. The dentist will apply these metal brackets to the teeth; however, the metal wire is used to apply pressure on the teeth. Generally, teenagers prefer to have this kind of braces because these are the least expensive in the market. You can get braces in Carlisle very easily. There is one thing that you might feel annoying about this type of braces. They are highly noticeable.

Ceramic Braces

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Ceramic braces are also an alternative to metal braces. These braces are generally made up of the same color as our teeth, hence they are less noticeable/ sometimes you can’t even notice them. In this type of braces even if the orthodontist in Carlisle uses the wires, they would be of the same color as your teeth. They are more expensive than metal braces but cheaper than Invisalign. Except for being less noticed, they are the same as metal braces. They will give you the same level of discomfort as ceramic braces give.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are as same as metal braces, the only difference is that they are inserted from the inside. This type of brace has several benefits. It can’t be seen from the outside of the mouth. However, anybody can easily see them whenever a person opens his mouth. There is one drawback of lingual braces, they are difficult to clean. The patient needs to be very careful while cleaning them. Sometimes, they also create difficulty while talking. In addition that this type of brace is costlier than the traditional braces. Hence very few people adopt this.

Now you know all the types of braces. You can choose the one that is suitable for you. But always remember, that the comfort of our treatment always depends on the dentist who is treating us.

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