Why do you Need Pest Control During Lockdown?

Pests controlling

Novel coronavirus has taken over the world by a storm. WHO has given Coivd-19 the status of a pandemic! This has forced countries to shut down every non-essential business. Where these lockdowns are necessary to control the spread of the virus, they are also causing a lot of problems. Where the employees are being laid off by the organizations at the same time reduced human presence is giving rise to new challenges.

The risk of developing pest infestation and maintenance problems in large corporate buildings is much higher than before. You need to contact professional pest exterminators in surrey to minimize the risk of pest numbers multiplying in an uncontrolled manner.

Multiple buildings including commercial, hotels, schools, restaurants and industrial and residential building that doesn’t allow professionals to get rid of pest are suffering from an infection. You need to understand that the absence of humans forms an area that becomes a perfect habitat for pests. Moreover, if the building is left empty for a longer period, insurance would not cover any damage caused by pest infestation.

Common Problems

When pests could find food inside a building they start to grow in huge numbers. This could create some serious problems and some of these problems are listed below.

  • Damage to the building accessories and fittings.
  • Large infestation means getting rid of the pests would be much more difficult.
  • Possible contamination of the building due to the nesting material and droppings.
  • Pest infestation poses potential life hazards and it could cause some serious diseases.
  • Damaged caused by pests during a pandemic would have a serious impact on the business and the business owner might not have enough finances to cover the loss.

Common Pests Found in Buildings

Some common pests found inside every building are discussed ahead. Reading about them would surely help you understand the importance of pest control.

Man spraying to control pests


The biggest threat to any building infrastructure is rats and mice. If they get the right amount of food, they are capable of exponential growth. During a year they could give birth to several generations and those generations would further reproduce. Moreover, with the shelter of the building they have a high survival rate as they are safe from their natural predators. With restaurants closing up we could see that the rat food supplies are disappearing. This starvation is forcing them to search for new food supplies. Therefore, our houses, schools, hospitals, and care homes can be highly affected by rodents.

Hazards of Rodent: Infestation

  • Damage to the fixtures of the building.
  • It is very common among rodents to cause damage to electrical equipment. Thus, they pose a potential fire hazard.
  • Eating stored food and destroying product packaging.
  • They carry a large number of diseases such as Lyme disease, rat-bite fever, and much more.


The other most common type of pest found inside the buildings is these crawling insects known as cockroaches. These insects are small in size which allows them to hide in small places. They could feed on various diets and don’t need much more survival. Their ability to reproduce in larger numbers and carry diseases from one place to another makes them a greater threat. Moreover, they are mostly found in creaks, drains, and sewers all these places are not easily reachable during basic cleaning and sanitization.

Risks from Cockroaches

  • They carry a large number of diseases, viruses, and parasite worms. Which would make the environment highly unhygienic.
  • As they could feed on decaying matter and fecal matter in sewers it gets stuck on their body. Whenever they enter your building, they could carry all that stuck with them.
  • They contaminate every place they crawl on as they expel saliva to taste their environment.
  • Their droppings and body secretions could leave a foul smell in the atmosphere.
  • Their shed skin and droppings could cause inhaling problems such as asthma.

Maintenance Is Compulsory

These were only the two most common pests found inside buildings. However, their other pests to such as ants, flies, birds, and bees. All these pests are dangerous and cause a lot of damage to the property. Inexplicably, the whole world is on stop and there is uncertainty about the future. Spending money on pest infestation seems like fool work during this time. But you need to understand that maintenance of your building would save you from a big disaster in the future. If you do not get help now you might have to deal with bigger pest infestation problems in the future along with property damage.

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