Pain Clinic in Edmonton Explains Intramuscular Stimulation

doctor check the Pain in Patient

The majority of the pain that you feel is because there is a severe issue in the muscles, nerves, and tissues.

For pain in these parts, only a few treatments are available. One of the most common and effective that you will find at Pain Clinic in Edmonton is IMS/ Acupuncture.

Bodily Issues Intramuscular Stimulation can Treat

This special treatment method can treat a wide variety of bodily issues by increasing the flow of blood, releasing muscular tension, and improving the function of the nerve.

  1. Injuries that occur while playing sports can be severe as many times the person doesn’t know about the injury at the time. The effects occur afterward, so acupuncture and IMS are considered for healing.
  2. The shoulders and neck areas are parts of the body that are sensitive; so that kind of treatment is used that can manage pains in these areas. The IMS Acupuncture triggers the main affected area of the body.
  3. Another sensitive part of the body is the head. Therapists at a chronic pain clinic in Edmonton suggest using this technique because it might be dangerous to use other therapies. So this treatment is safest for treating headaches and even migraines.
  4. The main issue that occurs as a result of bad posture is severe pain in the spine, back, neck, and shoulders. Although other therapies are used to treat bad or poor posture; IMS/ acupuncture at clinics like Regenerate Shockwave Therapy is the best to reduce the pains in the associated areas.
  5. The cause of muscular pain is diversified as it can be caused by physical activity, tension, and even stress. The effects of IMS go deep into the muscles and help in the quick healing of the pain.
  6. Don’t confuse the condition of the tennis elbow with that of the golf elbow. Although the location of both issues is the same, the inner side of the elbow is affected in the golf elbow whereas in tennis elbow outer muscles have pain.

Pain Clinic in Edmonton Explaining IMS Acupuncture Procedure

There is a procedure of IMS/ acupuncture when you visit the pain clinics. Many people might think that they will tell about the area where they are feeling pain and the therapist will start inserting the needles. But the therapists will follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. The first step that is taken is to do a proper medical checkup. This is important so that the therapist knows about any other medical issue that the patient is having.
  2. The therapist then physically examines the patient to determine the actual area of the pain. The Therapist feels the area with the hands and presses around the area. The patient is asked to tell the therapist the exact location of the affected area.
  3. Then the area is sterilized; meaning the body part is cleaned so that the needles are inserted.
  4. The needles are inserted in the area. The depth in which they are inserted is determined by the intensity of the pain. These needles are manipulated to reach deeper into the muscles. If the patient feels twitching and spasms then it means that the patient has issues.
  5. As soon as the patient has no twitching or spasms; the treatment stops. But many times patients visit the Pain Clinic in Edmonton because the pain reoccurs.