Self-Pleasure is the New Self-Care

Lockdown saw a rapid spike in the sales of two things across Australia: self-care beauty products and sex toys. And it’s no surprise since self-care and sexual well-being are so closely intertwined. In such a busy world we often do not have the time to indulge in self-care rituals such as face masks or proper skincare, let alone find the time for self-pleasure.

Isolation was detrimental in many ways, but it did offer us a chance to reconnect with ourselves to explore what makes us feel good. The sudden rise in the popularity of sex toys in Australia is thanks in part to our changing social norms. Historically, masturbation was considered sinful. Nowadays “solo play is legit good for you,” according to Women’s Health Magazine. Masturbation is known to release stress and anxiety, as well as release feel-good hormones for an all-over glow.

So it’s little wonder self-pleasure is now being added to our self-care routines! Lockdown may now be easing but hopefully, our newfound self-care rituals are here to stay. There are countless ways to adopt “pleasure care” into your own relaxation routine, but these are just a few ideas to get started:

Privacy Please!

It might sound obvious but before you play remember to find a private location and lock the door. Or, if you don’t have anywhere private enough in your own home (perhaps you have noisy housemates!) then consider booking yourself in for a nurturing spa holiday. This way you can be completely pampered from head to toe with energizing massage and wellness consultations before you take advantage of the privacy of your own room to try out your sex toys.

Scented Candles

Scented candles are recommended by psychotherapists to promote relaxation. In a study conducted by Keville and Green (2009), the use of scented candles improved the symptoms of depression and anxiety. It may sound obvious but candles also cast a gentle flicking light that really sets the mood. These days you can find candles in almost any scent, so you’re bound to find one you really love to help you unwind and enjoy yourself.

Body Oils

Arousal is promoted by good blood flow and heat (facts: wearing socks can help you orgasm better!) so an organic body oil is a smart way to warm yourself up and awaken those tired muscles. Body oils are good for the skin but also double as a lubricant during solo play. You can find a wide variety of organic body massage oils at most female-friendly sex shops these days, so they’re an easy and accessible way to indulge the senses.

Quiet Toys

No matter how much privacy you have, nothing spoils the mood faster than a loud sex toy. Thankfully, most modern vibrators are designed to whisper quiet, like USB rechargeable bullet vibes and clitoral stimulators. Of course, there are also sex toys that don’t require vibrations at all, like dildos and dongs, that range from super realistic to jelly pink.

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