Gynecomastia Surgery for the Right Treatment of Male Breast


Gynecomastia Surgery It is possible to define gynecomastia as the beginning growth of breast tissue in men. Although gynecomastia can be seen in infancy and advanced age, it is most commonly seen in adolescence. Especially in adolescence and young adult men, this situation which affects social life in summer is a problem when swimming in the sea, doing sports or wearing summer clothes. It can cause problems that cause insecurity, withdrawal, and posture disorders. Breast tissue develops under the influence of various hormones and biological factors.

Possible Reasons of Gynecomastia

Although there are many factors that cause gynecomastia in adolescence, it is mainly based on imbalance between estrogen and androgen effect in breast tissue. Gynecomastia in childhood and adolescence can also develop due to various diseases. A group of drugs, especially drugs used in stomach disorders can cause breast growth in men. However, in general, the vast majority of cases of Gynecomastia Treatment have no explainable reason! Various medical treatments have been tried to treat gynecomastia. The main purpose of these drugs is to shift hormone balance in favor of androgen, but the effective response is extremely limited.

Why it is Important to Treat Gynecomastia?

If gynecomastia is present for a certain period of time, irreversible tight hard tissues are formed and spontaneous regression is not possible. In such cases, breast tissue should be surgically removed after a reasonable waiting period. This waiting period must be at least 1 year. However, if enlarged breast tissue causes significant pain in the adolescent, causes shyness or negatively affects emotional state of emotion, adversely affects sexual identity development or daily activities of the person, gynecomastia can be treated surgically without waiting for this period.

  • It is a surgery that can be called small in size and difficulty. It’s not a painful surgery. Usually, patients can be discharged on the same day and return to work after 3-4 days.
  • The first night may pass relatively distressed. Usually a simple oral pain relief is sufficient. This surgery is an attempt to avoid serious bruising and swelling.
  • If you are working, you will have to spend 4 days for this surgery.

Minor Problems associated with it

There is almost no possibility of serious bleeding in this type of surgery. Bleeding may be in the form of a “hematoma”, i.e., accumulation of blood on one side of the breast. Your doctor may take you back to the operating room to clear up this buildup and stop the bleeding, if it continues, in the same way. Again, the solution will be clearing the infection and of course antibiotic treatment. Asymmetry is one of the problems that may occur after this operation. In rare cases, severe asymmetries may require retouching.

Use Liposuction in Gynecomastia Surgery

If the growing mammary gland is soft and oily, only liposuction, side, fat removal surgery can be enough. But hard and large gynecomastia needs to be removed with open technique. However, this is not a trace surgery. Under the nipple, a semicircular cut is made in the junction line of the colored and colored part and the mammary gland is removed therefore. Liposuction is also performed if necessary.

This is a minor surgery. It takes about an hour, not a painful surgery. No hospitalization required. Dressings can be removed after two days and washed on the third day. You can go back to work on the fourth day.