A Beginner’s Pocket Guide To Purchasing E-Liquids


Over the last decade, the vape and e-liquid industry has exploded beyond everyone’s imaginations. Nowadays, it’s no longer about just basic vape pens and tobacco e-liquids, but a lot more as the technology is starting to mature over time. 

Therefore, it can easily be confusing for a new consumer who is trying to switch from smoking to vaping – with all the different e-liquids currently available in the market. This is the reason having a guide is utmost essential to ensure that you know the right facts, which will assist you in purchasing the required e liquid cannabis for your needs. 

The Beginner’s Pocket Guide For Purchasing E-Liquids

What Do You Mean By E-Liquids?

In simple words, e-liquid contains a mixture of nicotine, which is optional, along with an added flavour. This e-liquid when used in conjunction with an electronic cigarette, it will deliver nicotine to your body – just like a traditional cigarette. But, the taste will neither be as horrible nor as full of deadly toxins & smell like a traditional cigarette.

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How Does E-Liquids Work?

It should be noted that most vaping devices have three main components in them – the tank, the battery and the heating coil. When you add vaping e-liquid to the tank, the liquid starts soaking the coil. When the device will be turned on, it will first heat the coil, which in turn will heat the e-liquid so that it can be turned into vapour. 

The process is similar to boiling water inside a kettle, except, the vapour is inhaled by your mouth into your lungs.

What Is Present In E-Liquids?

The following are some of the major compounds present inside e-liquids:

  • Vegetable glycerin – VG
  • Propylene Glycol – PG
  • Food Flavourings
  • Nicotine

What Are The Different Types Of E-Liquid Ratios?

When you start researching e-liquids, you’ll come to know about the fact that they come in various ratios. This ratio refers to the amount of VG and PG present in the e-liquid. For instance, if the e-liquid is rated for PG 70/30, it means that it contains almost 70 per cent of PG and the rest 30 per cent as VG. There are four types:

  • PG-Based E-Liquids – These have a higher percentage of PG content in them and are used by those who want to give up smoking.
  • VG-Based E-Liquids – These have a higher VG percentage and are used by those who want to create large and thick vapour for their vaping pleasure.
  • 50/50 E-Liquids – These bring the best of both worlds by containing 50 per cent VG and 50 per cent PG.
  • Short-Fill E-Liquids – These are termed as larger bottles of e-liquid which are devoid of any nicotine and you’ll have the option to add nicotine on your own by a nicotine shot.

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