Girdle for Postpartum: How It Helps Recover Faster After C-Section

Girdle for Postpartum: How It Helps Recover Faster After C-Section

Your body is amazing! It is normal if you feel different about your body after giving birth. Your baby took nine months to grow inside you, so it is common to take some time to recover and get back to daily activities. Sometimes you require extra support, especially after a C-section incision. In the process, a girdle for postpartum can be your trustworthy partner. 

A postpartum girdle, also known as a post-pregnancy girdle, is a compression garment that supports your core after pregnancy. It offers you the much-needed comfort after C-section incision and promotes faster recovery.  

A medical-grade girdle is made of breathable and flexible compression fabrics. It provides protection for the C-section incision area while preventing your curves from rolling. To make the garment comfortable for new mothers, the girdle features powerful compression panels, closures in the front to adjust the tightness, adjustable hooks, back support panels, and rear-end reinforcement. Apart from that, it offers full coverage to minimize panty lines. 

In addition to offering support after C-section, the after-pregnancy girdle can also be worn by new mothers after a natural birth. The garment piece supports the back, improves the posture, helps reduce pregnancy-related weight, and increases mobility. 

How Does Girdle for Postpartum Work

Bringing a new life into the world takes a toll on your body. It is harder to recover when you have delivered by C-section, and not naturally. According to experts, the incision involves dealing with muscle and tissue layers. Often, ladies who undergo C-sections experience more pain and discomfort than those who give natural birth.  

A study in 2017 on the use of abdominal binders for postoperative pain noted that postpartum girdles helped new mothers who underwent C-sections. Wearing the compression garment, the women experienced less bleeding and pain than those who chose not to wear a postpartum girdle.  

After-birth girdle pieces are constructed with care to provide excellent care and support to women who just gave birth. They are effective for compression and lymphatic drainage. In addition, the girdles can be worn to heal pain after C-section and support the weight. 

Benefits of a Girdle for Postpartum 

Modern-day girdles offer the same benefits as corsets many years ago provided to women after childbirth. Today, these garments are also sold as clothing pieces to improve your profile in clothing.

However, some benefits you can expect from a girdle for postpartum are:

  • Faster recovery after childbirth – natural birth or through C-section
  • Reduced back pain
  • Improved posture
  • Support for abdominal muscles
  • Reduced swelling 

How to Buy a Girdle for Postpartum 

With the rising popularity of postpartum girdles due to their properties, it is obvious to get confused by plenty of compression garment options. It can be overwhelming to find a girdle that fits you well and helps recover effectively. 

To ensure that you purchase the right garment, consider things like:

  • Size of the girdle and your size
  • Comfort
  • Construction and material
  • Ease of use
  • Price

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