Get Your Daily Dose Of Inspiration With These Instagram Account!

Instagram infuencers for inspiration

In today’s world, social media owns a great place in our life, whether it’s about our dinner date or high school graduation, we people update every single detail on social media platforms. Amongst them, Instagram is a quite popular social networking platform which is growing day by day. 

However, one of my friends was sharing some half-witted post on Instagram, which was actually of no use. But at the same time, I thought if we follow inspirational Instagram accounts we will receive a daily dose of inspiration through the best Instagram accounts. Right? 

Therefore in this blog, I am going to share Instagram influencers for inspiration, stay tuned! 

Best Inspirational Instagram Accounts – 2020

  1. Calm Sage

Calm Sage is my personal favourite Inspirational Instagram account and it boasts an amazing creative post regarding important daily life aspects. Have you tried bubble breathing or are you aware of ballon breathing techniques? If not, Calm Sage is a must Instagram account that you need to follow. 

However, not only these motivational quotes, but you will also get the direct link of its informative blogs! 

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2. Power Of Positivity

With 5.5 million followers, Power Of Positivity offers amazing inspirational quotes that will flourish your mind with good thoughts and deeds. You can either use motivational quotes as a personal mantra or daily affirmations. 

“Surround yourself with people who see your value and remind you of it”

You can follow this best Instagram account from here

3. Humans of New York

This inspirational Instagram account solely captures the lives of people living in New York.  These people share their fears, happiness, struggles, victory, bitter and sweet life experiences. Once you start reading the inspirational stories you will relapse that celebrating small victories and moments are everything! 

Afterall it is important to learn from people with bad experiences, they are the best teachers. Don’t trust me? 

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4. Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

Amy Poehler's Smart Girls

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls is curated by American actress and comedian Amy Poehler with famous producer Meredith Walker. I prefer this as Instagram influencers for inspiration because they honour woman’s true self with an engaged, trustworthy, humorous, passionate dose of sisterhood. 

“Eliza “Lyda” Conley worked to protect and preserve the Huron Indian Cemetery — a final resting place for many of the Wyandot Nation. In 1910, she was the first Native American woman to argue a case before the Supreme Court, to extend federal protection to Native burial grounds. This case was not won, but her community kept up the fight for more than 100 years, and the Huron Indian Cemetery was designated a national historic landmark in 2017.”

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5. Awakening People

Here is another inspirational Instagram account that boasts one million followers. Awakening People showcases some amazing facts about your zodiac signs. So next time if your friend complains you about his stubbornness, tell them “No Karen! You Are Not Stubborn You Are Aquarius”

Apart from this, there are daily affirmations that will help to boost your positivity throughout the day. 

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6. Entrepreneur Thinks

Here we go with Entrepreneur Thinks – best Instagram account, there are many people who thought of owning an empire right? This account gives amazing insights about business ideas and branding along with entrepreneurs success formulas. 

Mark Twain said: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”

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7. The Good Quote

The name says itself “The Good Quote”, well we all need a boost of inspiration at any point of time during a day. Right? This inspirational Instagram account helps us to attain positive affirmations and messages. 

You will get amazing quotes that could relate to your current situation or blurry experience. Oh! I missed to tell you that amazing Instagram account boasts 20 million followers!

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8. Hi Anxiety

Anxiety, depression, mood -swings and stress are common here. Either you or someone you know are battling with such issues. Therefore, Hi Anxiety is a comprehensive platform that extends amazing reminder and quotes that will help you to release strain from your body. 

“Breathe In and Breath Out, Repeat” Follow this best Instagram account for daily inspiration from here

9. The Female Hustler

Are you in need of some motivation to begin with a workout or want to start Monday morning at the office? Well, well! The Female Hustler has everything you need! 

One of my favourite inspirational quotes from this page is “Stop Telling Your Business, Some People Talk To You, So That They Can Talk About You”

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Are You An Instagram influencers for inspiration? 

Yes! All of us inherits a source of positivity and wisdom. However, if we are strong enough to share our views and support everyone around us we are an influencer in itself. 

I hope you like this article and also share these inspirational Instagram account with your friends and family.

If I missed any best Instagram account, let me know in the comments section below.