Get the Most out of your Storz & Bickel Crafty

storz and bickle vaporisers

The Storz & Bickel Crafty is arguably the leading mini vaporiser on the market. Storz & Bickel are famous for the quality of their vaporisers and their unparalleled smoothness. When it comes to the Crafty you’ll be no less impressed by their attention to detail. Here are a few tips for getting the best out of your new favorite pocket-sized Storz & Bickel vaporiser:

Charge up

Thoughtful is one of the keywords that gets thrown around when we talk about Storz & Bickel products and the Crafty has that in spades. With consideration to the user in mind, the Crafty comes 80% pre-charged, so you can give it a go straight out of the box. However, if you would prefer to charge it up to full then it should only take you half an hour.

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Burn off

Performing a quick burn off of the Crafty oven will ensure there’s no nasty residue leftover from manufacturing. All you need to do is press the big orange button on the side of your Crafty and let it power up to 180c. When the light changes from red to green you can press the orange button again to activate boost mode and heat the oven up again to 200c instead. Once the light goes back to green leave your Crafty for at least one minute and it will turn off on its own. Once done your burning off is complete and your Crafty is ready for use!

Pick your grind

The Crafty is all about functionality and that extends to the range of grind it can handle. With the Crafty you really don’t have to worry how coarse or fine your grind is because  Storz & Bickel designed this vaporiser to work with everything. The Crafty can even take on whole flowers so you can sit back and enjoy stronger sessions.

Choose your settings

The factory settings on the Crafty are so good you may never want to use the app to fine-tune things. Storz & Bickel programmed the Crafty with three temperatures that suit most herbs so you’re unlikely to go back to the instructions. Simply activate each set with either a single click, double push, or triple-click of the main button. But if you’re super fussy then downloading the app or web app is super easy. You’ll be playing with temperatures, adjusting the shutoff time, and even dimming the lights in no time. How’s that for customisation?

Check your battery

If you’re not keen on using the app then you can check the battery of your Crafty by just watching the power-off button. The fast it flashes the lower the charge. You can also see how fast it blinks when you plug your Crafty in to charge.

Keep it clean

Unsurprisingly the Crafty will get dirty after a few sessions so keep things clean by dumping out the bowl and brushing it out after each use.

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