Get Legal Help If Your Partner Visa In Australia Get Refused

Immigration lawyer
Immigration lawyer

Every year, a lot of overseas applicants come to Australia on partner visas. The visa subclass 820 and 801 allow them to live temporarily and permanently in Australia respectively. But, have you ever thought that what to do if your partner visa gets refused by the Australian immigration department? Well, it’s an overwhelming feeling for any applicant out there. You feel stressed and depressed at the same time. Hence, to get a legal help is a must at this point of time which the best immigration lawyers Perth gives you. 

What Are The Ways Out? 

To start with, there are possible two solutions, in case the application of your Australian partner visa has been refused. Firstly, to appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and secondly to apply for a partner visa once more. Hopefully, the former is a more feasible option than the latter. Hence, given below are a few steps to make the entire process easy and simple for you. By following these steps, you can also appeal for a review of your partner visa application to the AAT. 

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  • Do Appeal On Time


So, are you also contemplating to appeal to the AAT to get your partner visa’s application reviewed? If the reply is yes, then please do it as soon as possible. For, there is a specified time-frame within which you need to appeal. If you fail to do the same, then your appeal won’t be accepted by the AAT anymore. So, stop being nervous and appeal for the review of your partner visa application to the AAT right now. 


  • Wait For A Verdict


After you have appealed to the AAT, you will have to wait for some time for the arrival of the final verdict. Meanwhile, the best immigration solicitors Perth will help you to resort to the most apt legal actions. Compliance to these legal actions will help you to remain lawful whilst the review of your partner visa goes on. Hence, you need to wait for a while unless the final verdict of your partner visa application is declared. This will determine that whether the review of your partner visa application has been accepted or rejected by the AAT. 

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  • Now Seek A Professional Help


Even if your partner visa application’s review has been disapproved, don’t feel let down at all. Instead, get in touch with a highly skilled immigration lawyer in Perth to get the best of results. Your lawyer will help you in every way and will ask you to submit the most appropriate documents accordingly. This way, you can appeal to the AAT once again to rectify any discrepancies or errors furthermore. 

If the opposite situation arises

Conversely, the AAT may ask you for some documents more even after approving your partner visa application as genuine. And to do this effectively, you need to avail the services of a first-rate immigration lawyer in Perth. 


  • Implement The Ideas And Advices Of Your Immigration Lawyer


So, let’s be optimistic and suppose that the review of your partner visa application has been approved by the AAT. Now, your next step will involve the execution of all the ideas and advices given by your immigration lawyer. Your appointed lawyer is knowledgeable enough to help you obtain your partner visa on time. So, no matter that how much intricate the processes are, suggested by your immigration lawyer, do follow them religiously. This will pave your way for obtaining your partner visa successfully, that too in a hassle-free manner. 


  • Seek Valuable Advices From Experts


Apart from hiring an Immigration lawyer you should also seek the valuable advices from knowledgeable people around you. People who have already faced a refusal of their partner visas can tell you better that which path to follow. Try to get in touch with people who have faced a refusal for similar reasons. Subsequently, ask them that which path they followed to get over the refusal of their partner visa application. And, try to adhere to those actions accordingly. This will help you a lot in resolving the issue of your partner visa application’s refusal in an efficient manner. 


  • All Well That Ends Well


On a final note, if your AAT officer feels that you should be given second chance, then it’s pretty good. After all, you have tried so hard to make your application as much as much error-free as you could. Thankfully, the mistakes which you committed earlier have now become your strengths. However, make sure that this time you don’t even make the smallest of errors. Otherwise, your immigration officer won’t give you another scope to get your partner visa reviewed by the AAT. 

Embark Upon Your Immigration Journey Today! 

Hence, follow some of the ways given above and appeal to the AAT to get your partner visa reviewed effectively. But this certainly remains incomplete unless you go for an immigration lawyer consultation session in Perth. Rest assured that your immigration lawyer will help you at every step during the entire legal procedure. And, this way you can get over the issue of your Australian partner visa refusal quickly and efficiently. 

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